The Lloydbrary Sample Sessions 1 – Better Living Through Chemistry

Ian Fondue from the Lloydbrary Podcast has a really good idea for a show/mix series called the Sample Sessions, where as he says “Take a sample based album, then do a mix of the sampled tracks in album track order.”. The first one is a favourite album of mine, Fat Boy Slim’s ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ – which was a formative influence and got me into big beat, and sounds like it was the same for Ian too. First session includes tracks as diverse as Lulu, Yvonne Elliman, Idris Muhammad, Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti, Keith Mansfield, The Incredible Bongo Band and more.

It’s fascinating to hear a track and go ‘did they really sample THAT?’ and wonder what on earth it could be….then 30 seconds later a very familiar bar or loop appears!

A birdie tells me the next one is a rather (in)famous hip-hop album…must be fun trying to unlayer that one! And you might hear it over at Radio Clash Live at some point soon (after Lloydbrary 61 and SS 1 methinks) as part of Ian’s Lloydbrary slot, 4:45am and 8pm weekdays UK time, latest show is on Mondays (hopefully…I’m working on improving that code as I have to give the server a kick sometimes!). And of course I’m sure he’ll post it over at his Mixcloud soon.

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