Lloydbrary #100 with Radio Clash

A new spoken word podcast which marks several things: Ian Fondue’s Lloydbrary reaching #100 (delayed by several major life events), the end of 2017 and start of 2018, and the first time I’ve been part of a spoken podcast in over 3 years, a (brief?) break in my retirement!

Older listeners will remember Ian co-hosted a couple of the better Radio Clash shows, such as the UK Hiphop Show and #200 about early mashups and was inspired to start one by Radio Clash which is a real honour, and the Essexboy Eclectique podcast (RIP both him and the podcast) which I also co-sign. That was a great podcast, miss you Ebro. Certainly people like Ebro, Andy Churchill’s Make Some Noise, DJ Jay-R’s podcast, 50 Pound Note, Night Nurse Show, Who Boys podcast and several others were why I kept going so long! It’s lonely to be part of a first wave, company is always good. Keeps you on your toes.

Musically it’s a back-to-back affair including nods the music that Ian has shared on the LLoydbrary, but also my favourites of 2017 and a really cool drum and bass section, and an almost horizontal downtempo section. From indie and punk to glacial covers, disco (well, hello it’s me) to acid house, it covers most of the bases. Unless you desperate want to hear some country or western, or metal…but I think we have something for everyone. Even the odd edit or sort-of mashup *shock horror*. Also shout outs go to Dandelion Radio especially their Festive 50 which inspired a few choices from me, and Mark from Readers Wifes from Duckie whose 2017 Spotify list was a cracker and again inspired a few more.

The Kids Will Never Know (Downloads on podomatic (not in my RSS feed here) or stream at Mixcloud – 2:45 239Mb)


  • 20th Century Steel Band – Heaven & Hell
  • Bawrut – Ciquita (Helter-Skelter’s Died In A Party Remix)
  • Posthuman – It’s a house thing (Mark Archer remix)
  • Dr Packer – I Feel Acid
  • Yota – Wasted love
  • Patrick Cowley – The Runner
  • Heist & Serum – Via the shire
  • High Contrast – Rez
  • J Cole – She’s mine (SpectraSoul remix)
  • Daytoner – Apache street
  • Andy Cooper ft BlabberMouf – Here comes another one
  • The Monkees – Rose Marie (early stereo mix, stereo remix)
  • Bicep – Vale
  • Vedit 03 – Track 3
  • Vitalic – Waiting for the Stars (feat. David Shaw)
  • The Slickee Boys – Pictures of matchstick men
  • The Just Joans – No Longer Young Enough
  • Idles – Stendahl Syndrome
  • McLusky – To hell with good intentions
  • Six By Seven – Eat junk, become junk
  • Shame – Tasteless
  • Cherry Glazerr – Nurse Ratched
  • Mort Garson – Didn’t You Hear? (end-titles)
  • Telltale – Autumn’s Nearly Here
  • Ron Geesin – Astral traveller
  • Orriel Smith – Tiffany Glass
  • Jane Weaver – Valley
  • Sandy Denny – Solo
  • Rift Valley – Vantablack
  • Hubert Daviz – Boradwalk drive
  • Song Sung – I’m Not In Love
  • Olafur Arnalds – Say My Name (feat. Arnor Dan)
  • Demos Roussos – I Dig You
  • Kiki Dee Band – I’ve Got The Music In Me
  • The Carpenters – Goodnight

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