RIP Grant Essexboy

Sadly learned today that Grant Martin aka Essexboy / Apricot Cyanide / Ebro had died this morning. One of the old skool bootleggers, part of Bastard and GYBO’s formation, I met him at Bastard nearly 10 years ago, a lovely bloke usually accompanied by his other half Lisa who was equally as lovely and always up for a dance. I’d probably first known him from Get Your Bootleg On, which if memory serves (and it seems to 404 more as I get older) he was originally called Cereal Killer? I think the Ebro/Essexboy monicker came later, and also part of No Escombros too.

Shame his early output isn’t mostly online (I’d love to post his ‘I Found Lovin’ (Not War)’ Fatback vs P.E. mashup but it’s not online, and you might know his Freaky Teethbusters mashup best but for obvious reasons isn’t appropriate) and also he created some great podcasts – Essex Eclectique was always a great listen which had me running off to find the gems he included, and the previous incarnation Ebrotunes.

My thoughts go out to them and his family, and the flag is at half mast today at Radio Clash Towers. *salutes*

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  1. Natasha
    June 29

    Three years ago today and Lisa shared this lovely tribute again – thank you xx

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