Sink Ya Teeth

First heard about Norwich band Sink Ya Teeth via Amy Lamé’s first 6Music show now that’s she’s taken over from Jarvis Cocker…I’m certainly there for the Donna Summer/Moroder vibes of Glass – if anyone brings the chugging octave bassline I am SO there – and also the woozy after-party weariness of If You See Me which seems to be a common theme, the up and downs of (night)life – the sort of scene I’d like to be a part of by the looks of it (mixed, queer, gender-bending, multi-racial). But not all fun and games – “Now I’ll have a nervous breakdown…because of you”, something rather modern about the upbeat and downbeat existing all at once. The fact that satire has stopped working cos it’s all so bizarre nowadays? Or am I reading too much in it?

Although older tracks seem to fit as much in the vein of that South London scene (Sorry, Madonnatron – more of those later) in treading veins of noir-ish schizoid darkness, post-punk and psych…although all coming from a personal, real place. I’m sure Sleaford Mods, Slaves and more recently Idles (who I played over on the Lloydbrary #100 as one of my bands of the year) have a lot to answer for – as well as of course Fat White Family who has always been adored around here.

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