Radiophonic Month at 3 blogs (Amor Dei found)

Three blogs, ‘Toys and Techniques’, ‘A Sound Awareness’ and Unman-Wittering devoted the whole of May as ‘Radiophonic Month‘ and have been posting all kinds of Radiophonic extremely rare gems such as the David Cain Seasons album that Jarvis Cocker has been err ‘rinsing’ on his excellent 6Music show and more importantly for me Amor Dei (here and here) by Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange – I have been looking for this online for years.

I would gladly pay for that and the other Inventions and a proper Delia boxset/release but amazingly BBC and now the University of Manchester seem to be dragging their heels in that regard, so MP3s it is. But so glad to actually get to hear it…like the original poster I’d love to hear the other Inventions (I have a low quality copy of Dreams…are there any HQ versions out there?).

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