Give the fascist man a gunshot

Should you punch a Nazi? Really? This is my response.

Credit To The Nation and Chumbawamba, sadly as current as it was in 1993. Always loved the steal from one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs, too. Odd video, like One Little Indian didn’t check the lyrics and thought ‘this is a foot-tapping number, lets get some dancers in!’ Err…

And this later version points out:

Smoother words…Nicer suits
Don’t be fooled they’re still wearing jackboots..
The nazis changed, but they never went away…

(Spot the Armagideon Time steal!)

Also – always loved the single version of Homophobia, didn’t know Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were on this version! This might make it onto a future mix…

And I’m a ticking ticking timebomb. We all are. People power!

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