Zydeco Legion and Kate Tempest

Someone (Zydeco Legion?) commented a track called LRAD on the Radio Clash Facebook page, and I like it. Loving what Kate Tempest is doing at the moment, not sure if this is official, I suspect it’s a mashup, but I haven’t heard this rap before. Doesn’t matter as it’s a nice mix, very ambient/concious.

The other track with Kate Tempest involves a nice Chumbawamba sample – Enough Is Enough and is drum and bass…

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  1. September 6

    Thanks Tim , i’m a long time listener/follower of the blog and thought u might like it …

    Your suspicion is correct ,.. not official no .. the original poem is on utube here ;


    The inspiration comes from the words and all credit is due to Kate

    Thanks for the nice comments.


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