Tag: hip-hop

October 31 /

TV Nation is a mashup that has been hanging around in multiple demo forms since 2008, now thanks to better stems and acapellas it’s finished (I know I said I retired but this was an opportunity too good to miss,…

August 18 /

I’m really loving The Get Down, a semi-fictional series about hip-hop in 70’s Bronx via Baz Luhrmann. I don’t know why it’s got mixed reviews because unlike other shows, it has Grandmaster Flash, Nas and Kurtis Blow on board, as…

June 3 /

Ooh really liking this new track ‘Pain’ from De La Soul ft Snoop Dogg from the upcoming album ‘and the Anonymous Nobody…’. “Pain won’t make it better…” good message.

March 15 /

Love this version of Al Green’s classic Love and Happiness, very chilled with hip hop beats by Clozinger, future soul indeed. You can download it for free here. (via DJ MiF)