Radio Clash 83: The World Cup O’ Rock (With Guest Hosts Lee & Jeb)

OK so I was working quietly at the Radio Clash Towers, my top-secret HQ hidden in the dangerous mountainous regions of North London, when suddenly I heard a noise and a hissing sound at the door keyhole and everything went black.

When I awoke I saw I note on my iKea desk-come-piranha pool which said:

“hA Ha HA ha HA YoU’vE bEen hiJAckEd!!!

The World Cup ‘O Rock
Radio Clash HiJaCkEd by:

And my death-ray-cum-podcasting computer George was counting down to a release (in slow red LED numbers no less)!

Could I stop it in time?

  • Turn to page 10 to cut the blue wire (what do you mean, what wire?)
  • Turn to page 56 to unplug countdown device (they never do that do they?)
  • To to page 4631 to go to Chicken Cottage for some ribs (choice of every podcasting evil nemesis – yum)
  • Turn to show #83 to download podcast (42Mb, 72mins)

Don’t forget to comment below to choose a winning track…otherwise the golden shower fisting-handball trophy will go to waste…


  • USA vs American Idiot
  • England Vs Italy – Pop Will Eat Itself – “Cicciolina” YouTube
  • Sweden vs Sweden – Jenny Wilson – “Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward” (The Knife Remix) YouTube
  • France Vs England – La Fin De Tout – “586” YouTube
  • India – Mohammed Rafi -“Jan Pehechaan Ho”
  • Opening scene of Ghostworld originally from the 1965 Bollywood film “Gumnaam” YouTube
  • Japan vs. Germany – Delaware – “Boing Boom Tschak” YouTube
  • Brazil – Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Art Bitch” YouTube
  • Israel – Ofra Haza – “Galbi” YouTube
  • Africa vs France/England – Salif Keita/the Boldz (aka Tim Paris and Jogi) – “Madan” (No Traitorz remix) YouTube
  • Yugosalvia – Laibach – “Tanz Mit Laibach” YouTube Kitties
  • Iceland vs England – Bjork – “The Fool On the Hill” YouTube
  • Australia – The Presets – “Are You The One” YouTube
  • Canada Vs Gemany – Peaches – “Technologic” (Peaches Remix) YouTube

(Image by Herby Hönigsperger used under Creative Commons)


  1. August 4

    It was a blast doing this…let me know when you two want to hijack one of mine. 😉

    My pick goes down as either Laibach or The Presets.

  2. August 4

    No problem – I love ALL the choices, and love The Presets – Marty Batfreak turned me onto them last year.

    That Jan Pehechaan Ho track I actually intended to be in a previous Radio Clash, but had to edit it out due to the show being too long – I had no idea it was in Ghostworld.

    So really glad Lee played that and it made it at last 😀

    The CSS link had been removed btw – I’ve switched it for a live (mobile?) clip but not great – let me know if you want to change that.

  3. August 4

    Hey guys, fantastic show! What fun it must’ve been to do each other, erm, well you know what I mean. I would’ve loved to sing my spoof of the Greenwood toon: “Ah’m proud t’be a ‘Merkin…”
    My vote is for Ofra Haza – I’ve got like six CDs of hers and some friends in Israel have told me about their meeting her in person. Such a tragedy about her death: at the time it was said she set AIDS education back ten years because she wouldn’t ever admit she had AIDS. “Galbi” is a song I cannot listen to even 3 seconds of without launching my hairy booty into frenetic dancing. But I never saw the video -thanks for posting it – great idea to post the vidlinks.
    Again great show guys. Tim, ya gotta get better security at the RC HQ!

  4. August 4

    Boing Boom Tschak gets my vote, that was AMAZING!

  5. Lee (iMotorAway)
    August 4

    It was very fun doing this and I’m very impressed with the end result! Thank you Tim and Jeb.

    I’m torn…I’m in love with Jenny Wilson right now, but the Laibach was such a fun part of this whole thing, and I really am getting into The Presets (that song is especially good blasting in the car!

    Jan Pehechaan Ho..well Tim..great minds think alike I guess.

    I’m glad people are enjoying the YouTube links!

  6. August 7

    OK the scorecard so far (I’ve counted my vote as for Jan Pechaan Ho, and counted Lee’s and Jeb’s votes as fractions – way to go screwing up the scoring system guys! :-P)

    1st Ofra Haza ‘Galbi’ (1 point)
    = Jan Pechaan Ho (1 point)
    = Delaware – “Boing Boom Tschak” (1 point)

    2nd Laibach (5/6th of a point)
    = Presets(5/6th of a point)

    3rd Jenny Wilson (1/3 point)

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