Radio Clash 54: Abba Madda Gabba Yabba Doo

Best show in ages (well since the last one :-P) but sorry a long one again – includes the I Hate ABBA mix, some Madge bootylegness, More Saucepan Cowbell!, and a splodge of hiphop via the Beachie Boys.

Take a Chance on Clicking Here (70mins, 41MB)


  • Partyben – Computer Talk
  • djbcWireless Mathematics
  • Soundhog – Black Freak
  • totom – You Were the Last Here Today (from Bastard Pet Sounds album)
  • Lushlife – All Falls Down vs Don’t Talk (from kanyewestsounds album – site down but torrent available here)
  • Osysmyso – Pandemonium (ft Simon Pegg on pans! and the Noisy Band) (from 05mys50 project)
  • Pilchard – Bendoversole
  • I hate Abba mix

  • Jamms – The Queen and I (featured on Illegal Arts great comp)
  • Therion – Summer Night City (from Metal Tribute to Abba)
  • Allen Dean aka GHP – Abba and the Bunnymen
  • Sensitive New Age Cowpersons – Dancing Queen
  • Helloween – Lay all your love on me (from Metal Tribute to Abba)
  • DJNoNo – Lay All Your Axe In My Head (A-Teens vs Abba Gabba)
  • Evan Dando – Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • The Ciccones – Lies (from Immaculate Concoction remix album)
  • The Beatbox Saboteurs – Morecambe and Wise


  1. Cactus
    November 18

    DJNoNo – Lay All Your Axe In My Head (A-Teens vs Abba Gabba)

    My god, the craaaap…. You should have just played Abba Gabba by itself. This type of unskilled crap annoys the hell out of me. I could have done it better in my sleep.
    Note to self: Never listen to anything by DJNoNo again.

  2. November 18

    well it was done live using Traktor as a quick funny stupid ending of a mix. ala Shitmat and Bong Ra, who do messy stoopid gabba stuff. Obviously you don’t know DJNoNo’s motto which is ‘Can’t Mix, Wont mix’ and his ouevre which is extremely silly, made me laugh.

    If you can do better, then send it to me. In your sleep, live, or dead, even better.

    It’s always easy to bitch without having your skills on show, so I’m calling your bluff: PROVE IT. If you’re good I’ll play your mixes/mashups on Radio Clash.

  3. Cactus
    November 18

    Well, it kinda sounded like it was done live, I just figured it was incompetently done and, not knowing the original Abba Gabba, you thought it was just a fun mess to play. The original is a classic to me and I guess it offended me to hear it mistreated like that. Putting the same song – albeit with A-Teens instead of ABBA – on top of an already gabba-remixed version… well, I’ll stop now.
    You’re calling my bluff, I’ll have to show my cards. I’ll contact you when it’s done.

  4. Cactus
    November 18

    Oh, and other than that I really love your show and have been listening to the last 25-30 of them.
    A good way to make a first post, eh? I’m such a dick.

  5. November 18

    I do know the Riot Nation track actually…and I think it deserves to be mistreated as it doesn’t work, at least in a bootleg set context – it doesn’t use enough of the original track to be funny; it’s repetitive but not in a good way, doesn’t really make me want to dance; the drums on my version don’t BOOM and the vocal samples are too quiet and distorted.

    It needs something else, it sounds like half a track…hence mixing it with A-Teens.

    Obviously I’m not a gabba purist – hence mixing it with a track I hate, it’s supposed to be funny, something the original misses the point with.

  6. Cactus
    November 18

    Well, the Riot Nation track is obviously a pretty streamlined track for the gabba dance floors of old, but I still don’t see the point of randomly dropping a cover of the same track it samples on top of it. I love NoNos Supercalibreakz (just found out it was his) so I know he’s got the skills. Yes, Riot Nation needs something more to keep the interest up – in 1995 that was good enough though – but this wasn’t it.

  7. Cactus
    November 18

    God, I hate it when I go on like this. It’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it? Not good or bad. I’m sorry for even starting this conversation, instead I should have said I really enjoyed Pilchards track, because I did.

  8. November 18

    Don’t worry about it – you just caught me off guard that’s all. 😀

    Looking forward to hearing your track where you make my useless one pale into oblivion 😀 Glad you liked the Pilchard too.

  9. Jeff Lockwood
    November 23


    I finally had a moment to listen to Show 54. Great as usual!
    Thanks for the “shout out”. I am glad you like the lists – best of luck on your anniversary show! I will have to download it right after its uploaded and pretend its “live”!

  10. November 24

    05my50 is still up.

  11. November 24

    Oops, you have the link already. Sorry – was just listening to you saying it was gone on the show. Okay, just so this isn’t totally content-free: he says he had to abandon it because he couldn’t afford to make money for free. Which sorta addresses your comment about how he should do more of his own stuff … and your more recent post about the Rapture Riders release.

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