A reminder in these trying times

Just been called a ‘SJW’ and that I’m the wrong colour and should put on some paint for questioning someone who thinks those attacks on minorities in America are just ‘letting off steam’ even though the link had violent attacks in it. Then got offended and claimed there was ‘anti-white racism’ and that I was just a Social Justice Warrior and that I hated my own race.

And then told my mind wasn’t open – no, it isn’t open to fascists or racists or bigots. At all. Because I’m not a dick and won’t put up with dicks, even ones who think intolerance is freedom of speech, who defend racism, homophobia, transphobia and Islamophobia. Zero tolerance for that shit.

It’s not political correctness ‘gone mad’ it’s being a decent human being, it’s thinking people getting glassed for being queer or assaulted for being Muslim is NOT the way society should be. And sadly these events aren’t alone, and in fact in certain communities they are normal, just that like with Brexit, Trump’s bigoted rhetoric means these people think ‘The Purge’ is now on for black/brown/queer/foreign/Muslim people. He caused this – he might talk about unity now while one of his supporters shouts ‘Kill Obama’ but it’s too late to put that genie back in the bottle. You play with the fire of fascist yellow-press dogwhistling, you get burned.

Sorry, that’s racism and bigotry, pure and simple. I won’t stand for it. And neither should you. Voting Trump, or ignoring that friend or relative that does or supports this stuff for an easy life is no life at all…you’re selling me and my friends down the river. You’re no friend at all to me if you do that.

And to those shocked progressives/Democrats, the ones who believed their filter/city bubbles, you need to develop the grass roots, because people are siding with dangerous people to make protest votes. A protest vote is for life, not just for Xmas…and if the US voters had studied Brexit or been influenced in any way they’d realise that people here who voted for it immediately started to regret it.

I called President Trump in July when Bernie wasn’t selected, it seemed obvious to me that Hillary supporters were living in a fantasy that people do the right thing, they care about others, they will do the right thing in the endd. Nope, wake up call, here comes the Clueby4: they don’t. People are self-interested shits unless you win the argument with them about how they are screwing their own future as well as minorities. (This is the bitter irony of wanting to Make America Great Again, or Brexit – that future might be whiter, straighter and more Xtian but it won’t actually improve their lot, because bankers and corporates are the real villains).

Like those who do mental gymnastics over a racist or bigoted friend, people support all kinds of horrible shit then say ‘Oh I don’t mean *you*. I love you’ – while voting your rights and future away. It’s like they want to seem to be allies and supportive, tut about bigotry, but in private it’s a bit like not wanting that black family to move next door, or don’t want them dating their children. They know it’s socially unacceptable – well was until now – to be racist, sexist, homophobic etc. They hide it well, but sometimes like now you get a peek under the mask, behind the curtain. It’s like when I was digging in the garden earlier, all kinds of nasties crawl out of the woodwork.

And to my queer/LGBT brethren – I’ll say this…they hate us. After wins like same-sex marriage does not means we’re accepted at all. We are queer, we are here but I think this is a wake up call for the gay men and women who thought that the picket fence existence was a reality. Nope. They (heteronormative, usually white, straight, cis etc) might not say it to your face, they’ll be so supportive in abstract, but funnily enough the invites to that couples-only dinner party, wedding or BBQ will magically disappear in the post. They’ll forget to ask about your partner but someone else’s straight spouse gets quizzed on the latest, they’ll misgender you or your partner or ask if you are brothers/sisters or parent and child.

It’s less overt than getting a kick in the head (yup been there) but it’s not much better. Don’t you kid yourself, they do not like us, some of them actively hate us, and we are NOT accepted by them. You won’t get invited to the Country Club, unless as a token act, you won’t get invited into Straight Couple World, the coffee mornings, the baby showers, the dinner parties, maybe even the weddings. The whole world works on cis/straight grounds, and they’ll happily tell you to stop whining and shut up about not graciously accepting that you’re a second class citizen while closing the gates on your face. Because apparently not wanting me and my friends to be beaten up or killed means I’m a traitor to my race and a ‘SJW’.

Since when was giving a shit about people an insult? That suggests people using that supposed insult are completely sociopathic, devoid of empathy nor caring. Well maybe for me and mine, but screw everyone else.

“We can’t carry on like this,” you will mutter
Staring with disgust at the people weepin’ in the gutter
“Yeah, we made no trouble, we played by the rules
I worked double shift to get my kids from school!”
But you were so focused on your own little part
You went plowin’ on blind in the dark, no heart
Now we’re not the dreaded storm that will end things
We’re just your playful, gale force friend in these end times
Come to remind you you’re not an island
Life is much broader than borders
But who can afford to think over the walls of this fortress?
Of course, it’s important to provide roof and floorboards
For you and yours and be secure in your fortunes
But you’re more than the three or four you go to war for
You’re part of a people that need your support
And, who’s world is it if it belongs to these corporates?
The people are left on the doorstep, door shut
Nauseous and tortured by all that they’ve lost”

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