London isn’t reeling, Britain isn’t under siege

I had to go through London Bridge shortly after the London attack coming back from the Depeche Mode gig at London Stadium, so yes, I can confirm: LONDON IS NOT REELING. We are NOT under siege. This from the US press which LEAKED vital info from the Manchester investigation which I am still fucking livid about; because revealing the name of the killer and leaking the forensic photos might’ve let these 3 arseholes off the hook, they might’ve been free cos of that shit. Law enforcement and US media that leaked the information will be in my mind accessories to terrorism if they turn out to be linked. They should be extradited and charged if that is the case. Free press doesn’t mean you can just endanger the public because you have a 24/7 news cycle to fill! Shoddy.

And Trump is a complete arsehole, and so is Theresa May who cut the police by 20,000 officers. And then, like Trump slagging off our Mayor hours after the attack to make cheap political points, she has the fucking temerity to say we are all responsible, that we’re ‘too tolerant of extremism’. Also she then said she wanted to like Cameron somehow control the Internet and cryptography, probably via that ol’ backdoor chestnut. Not going to work, especially for the financial sector. More pointless words.

Too tolerant of stupid This-Lady-Is-For-U-Turning wishy-washy leaders, yes. She was the one responsible for fighting terrorism as Home Secretary for the last 7 years! But then she wants to spy on us all in the name of Big Brother, while pulling that rictus frown, looking like Twiki from Buck Rogers and sound about as human, bleating ‘strong and stable’ and ‘money tree’ but never answering the question…All of which like the Tories and her wars and selling arms to Saudi Arabia and police cuts won’t keep us safe anyway. The bleeding cheek. Please vote her out on Thursday.

But rants aside: like the people of Manchester where I was gutted about what happened 2 weeks ago in my home town, peace and love goes out to the victims and families affected by the attack in London Bridge and Borough market…my current home town, I’ve eaten or been to many of the restaurants affected there, so it’s doubly shocking. That could’ve been us in one of those restaurants. I was rather freaked on Saturday, too many memories of 7/7 and the Admiral Duncan bombing, it’s like the sound of helicopters and no traffic just flashes me back there. But now it’s business as usual.

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