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This image from Vox Political sums up my disquiet over the gagging law, and the silly idea that water cannons might’ve been good for putting out fires in the London Riots (not actually good for rioters though, as ACPO has admitted – but still, good reason to cut 10 Fire Stations then, eh?).

Yes you’ve got it right, they’re closing 10 London Fire Stations, but want to pay loads more money for water cannons, selling it also as a riot fire prevention measure. And hot on the heels of a law trying to stop protest during election year.

Funny thing is, Dave wants to cut red tape (regulations that actually have a real reason to be there, but who cares about safety eh?), but under his guidance the CPS are more than happy to use an obscure vagrancy law from 1824 to prosecute people taking food from a skip near me outside Iceland – the supermarket didn’t want the prosecution either – and thankfully has just been dropped since the supermarket wasn’t happy, and it was all really bad press for everyone concerned.

You cannot make this stuff up anymore, the truth is just, well, too horrifying.

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