RC 283: Rubik’s Cube (ETTT)

Time to play a game…you have to guess the theme, like RadMac’s Tea Time Theme Time on 6Music, can you work out the theme linking the tracks in the first hour?

Can you give up after it ruins your wrists and either peel off all the decals and stick them back on, or take it apart and then reassemble it in the correct order?*

No prizes after the 7th song because it gets progressively easier, but there aren’t any prizes! And I give the solution at the halfway point anyway … Music trivia experts probably will get it in the first couple of songs… I can say the episode includes a lot of 80’s pop, electro-pop and indie, some 1950’s swing and doo-wop, 90’s britpop, folk, post-punk, ska and classic heavy metal….so business as usual.

So no tracklist for now…that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?

You Can Do the Cube with Patrick Bossert* (2:00 / 168Mb)

* Yes I had this book / know people who did this!

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