RC 186: London Bridge is Falling Down (London Part 2)

London Bridge
Is Broken down,
Dance over my Lady Lee.
London Bridge
Is Broken down
With a gay Lady.

Take a key and lock her up,
Lock her up, Lock her up.

Build it up with silver and gold,
My fair lady.

Gold and silver I have none,
I have none, I have none.

Silver, and Gold
Will be stolen away,

Stone so strong will last so long,
Last so long, Last so long.

Second part of the now 3-part London series with a darker, greyer and less shiny podcast including rain, riots, rail, revolution and race; and also a LUL FU. So just another day in the city, then!

As before, thanks to The London Nobody Sings, Bob Levingbird, Ian Fondue and anyone I’ve forgotten for their suggestions/posts.

Gold , Silver or Oyster Card I Have None, My Fare Lady! (72Mb, 97mins)

  • Professor Bumble’s Magic Machine – London Bridge Is Falling Down
  • George Mitchell Singers – Swinging London
  • Wendy James – London’s Brilliant
  • Blur – London Loves
  • Gene – To The City
  • Bitter Springs – Moving to the City
  • London Conversations  – Sheena MacKay
  • Mike Proctor – Mr. Commuter
  • Ian Dury –  Busdrivers Prayer
  • Big Audio Dynamite – Harrow Road
  • XTC – Towers of London
  • Rotten & Reynebeau: Finsbury Park – Part 1
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson – Di Great Insohreckshan
  • Blak Twang – Real Estate
  • Demon Boyz – Law Abiding Citizen
  • Ivor Cutler – British Museum
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson – Reggae Fi Peach
  • Smiley Culture – Cockney Translation
  • The King Blues – Let’s Hang The Landlord
  • Bevis Frond – South Hampstead Rain
  • Spike Milligan – Wormwood Scrubs Tango
  • Saint Etienne – Side Streets
  • The Real Tuesday Weld – London
  • The Real Tuesday Weld – I Loved London
  • London Bridge (Chinese version)

P.S. following on from my discussion of Blair Peach, I found out that the CPS are reviewing the case – read the comments about the weapons and items they found afterwards – including Nazi regalia. Horrific.

And it seems 30 years later, like with the riots and Kevin Gately and more recently Charles De Menenez and Ian Tomlinson, nothing has really changed. A few of many reasons why I don’t trust the police. In my opinion, any police officer that is violent towards the public and/or hides their identity should be fired, prosecuted and jailed.


  1. Martin Clabburn
    March 30

    London’s Brilliant – surely the chords of Clash City Rockets 😉

    Excellent podcasts btw welcome back

    • March 30

      ahh yes – Clash City Rockers…although Capital Radio does have a similar riff…

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