Russell Brand and tax havens

John mentioned this to me, and thus I googled what it was about – so Russell is a hypocrite because his LANDLORD uses a tax haven? What is that to do with him? I didn’t know you could choose how your landlords invest their money? It’d be great if you could, especially mine. His response video is great, and points out the hypocrisy of Murdoch and others using tax havens legally (yet morally corrupt) to avoid tax. He’s right that the issue isn’t him, but the fight that’s going on elsewhere like New Era, and that the law should change. I’d make it if say, Vodafone or Amazon has a single bit of local infrastructure (a warehouse, mobile antennas etc) then they are classed as a local company and must pay local tax.

As well if anyone trades or works here, like ‘British’ pop stars such as Cliff Richard, they should pay tax here (he’s not actually British, many of the pop stars that trot out and pretend to be National Treasures have foreign citizenship and have fucked off abroad, and pay no or little tax here…so why roll them out for Band Aid 30 or support their crap?). Get outs like ‘my wife owns the flat’ or ‘my partner really owns the company’ shouldn’t be allowed either, and it’s disrespectful to those who want to come here and work that some rich people – ironically the ones that follow UKIP crap – don’t contribute. I’d set max work and stay limits for those rich people who expect to stay here and pay no tax (a few weeks or a month, then sling yer hook), and not allow them to work at all unless they are contributing to local tax and are applying and want to become a citizen. We don’t need these rich parasites, jetting in promoting their latest single then fucking off to L.A. or Barbados.

We do need more people like Russell Brand though, that use their power and wealth for good, and point out the stupidity of the system.

Oh and he’s right about that O’Brien bloke, complete snide. Journalists should focus on the facts at hand, attacking the messenger is very low, and “comedian lives in London and pays high rent to do so” – that’s not news? And it reeks of that whole ‘If you’re such a communist/socialist why don’t you go to Russia and live there!’ I faced in the 1980s, making the whole argument a puerile tit-for-tat which sidelines the real issues. I think the #TheSunLogic tweets are classic, and point out the fallacy that if you’re going to challenge everyone with ludicrous accusations of hypocrisy, then no-one can do anything.

Now if HE had a tax haven that would be news, but this is classic yellow press, trying to create guilt by association, because AFAIK he doesn’t, and his landlord’s affairs are nothing to do with him, nor does he have a choice. I wish you could choose a landlord like that, it would be great. Mine would be out tomorrow!

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