Make Bono History & Sex Aid 30

Not original – Culturcide did this with We Are The World back in the 80’s but glad to see someone still pricking their supercilious charidee bubble. Better than ‘charity’ would these people all paying their tax – rather than Myleene Klass style moaning about tax and avoidance schemes like the entitled right-winger non-doms they are?

And as many Africans have said – yes they know it’s Xmas, by the way they have their own better ebola charity single, and despite the condescending lyrics of doom it’s only 3 countries – not even close to covering West Africa – and the rest is very ebola free, thankyouverymuch. And by the way what about the HIV, the malaria, the respiratory disease that kill millions more than ebola ever has? When do they get a nice charity single? Oh sorry, those won’t spread to rich white people or we have combination therapy for HIV but only for rich westerners? Oh, ok.

Personally I was saddened when I went to Ethiopia – a green, hilly, almost cold yet thriving vibrant place – 25 years after the first Band Aid I was still getiing jokes and questions whether I’ll have ‘enough to eat’ – or even genuine concern that the place might be somehow dysfunctional, desert, hot, starving. Going there I realised how wrong those images are, even in my own head although I knew that it wasn’t like that now – and out of date – if they every were in date, since the area with the famine was one small corner and as much to do with tribal politics as extreme famine.

As someone who has been to and loved various parts of Africa many times, this patronising ‘we will save you’ attitude just makes me angry. Sure some things could be better, sure poorer parts need help, and sure the three countries with ebola do need that infrastructure – this is what DECS, Medecin San Frontieres and others have been doing since early this year, without negative fanfare. But the negative vibe as with the first Band Aid in Ethiopia just lingers…and causes more damage. That is truly the ‘kiss of death’ for the region.

And yes I know a rampant U2 critic on a bike nearly wiped out Bono after the plane incident, but it seems sadly Bono is still with us. Maybe his near-death experience might mean he might ‘give us your fucking money’ and pay full tax in Ireland, along with the rest of his terrible group? That would be nice, rather than being a sanctimonious yet hypocritical prick, and along with Geldof again foisting another terrible charity single on us. Give us your money, while we refuse to give ours? Hmm.

And don’t get me started on Tracey Emin’s ‘contribution’ – 5 minutes terrible scrawl while some ‘little man’ does the neon for her, I bet.

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