Finitribe – DeTestimony (Tauschsieder remix)

When I say this floating around the social media cloud or whatever they now call it, I thought ‘aye aye’ – but when I finally got round to pressing play it really wasn’t what I expected. Tauschsieder* and banging beats haven’t really been in the same room let alone darkened park transmitting radio – so prepare to be pleasantly surprised. And more good news is I hear via Acid Ted there is more mixes of this classic Finitribe track being released next year – Graham Massey, Justin Roberston, Optimo and indeed this Tauschsieder mix included.

Glad to see this rather neglected track get it’s due…never understood why Orbital’s Chime got all the plaudits as it was several years later, and less interesting…and I suspect also formed from a peal (carillon?) of bells. Now all we need is The Egg to come back, and all would be well in the realm of Scotch acid 😉

*For those long term Radio Clash listeners, Tauschsieder is Frenchbloke, Innes from Cnut and Soundhog, all who have been played on the podcast at some point, sometimes together.

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