After a gluten free Christmas, it’s a New You and a fresh start on those resolutions that will last about 2 weeks – Veganuary, Dry January, going to the gym, etc. Yes let’s give up nice things on the most depressing, grey and dark time of the year! That’ll work!

So bucking the trend we celebrate all things that are bad for you – even Japanese idols (eh, Negicco?). A manic wota episode going from indie, punk, metal, noise to drum and bass, breakbeat, folk, rave, britpop, acid, electronica, psych and ambient – and that’s just the Dai Dai Dai track! Well almost…

Slightly longer bonus episode this time! (Which is code for “Tim couldn’t edit it down any further without losing whole large chunks or pointlessly shaving off a few minutes”)

So banning the blues away we’re jumping up and down to hardcore and insane music of all types like a girl shooting lasers with her hands accompanied by a camper David Bowie auditioning for Space 1999.. No lie. Yes everything I want for 2019 and beyond is in this video, kids!

Big thanks to Hinoi Rocks who made a large chunk of this episode possible (I love it when listeners or followers suggest tunes!) and Homicidols and Dat Nois for their 2018 roundups.

This show is brought to you by the letter J! (219Mb, 2:27)

  • Mondo Grosso – Fight For Your Right (Vocals by Kelis)
  • The Beths – You Wouldn’t Like Me
  • Melon Batake めろん畑 a go go – Horror Billy Nights
  • Snail Mail – Pristine
  • Therapy? – Kakistocracy
  • 969 – A New Level
  • BiSH – BiSH-On a Night When Stars are Twinkling 星が瞬く夜に
  • 14th Generation Hanako-san of the Toilet 十四代目トイレの花子さん – HUMAN DIE!!!!
  • Abyss – The Wicker Man (DJ Deluxe Remix)
  • KOTO – Tiger Fire Cyber ​​Fighter タイガーファイヤーサイバーファイター
  • Luna-C & Lowercase – Dumpling Business (Ponder Remix)
  • CY8ER – Kataomoi Wazurai カタオモイワズライ
  • VMO – Divorcer
  • Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri – Toy Planet
  • Vampillia – mirror mirror (bombs BiS)
  • Dr. Syntax & Pete Cannon – Pearls Of Wisdom
  • Finiflex – Suilven
  • Miss Nicky Trax – Acid In The House
  • Bawrut – Desert Island (Original Mix)
  • Justice – Pleasure x Newjack x Civilization (WWW)
  • Smart E’s – Love Is Blind
  • Ludgate Squatter – Malfunction
  • PSSU feat. Richard Fearless & Daniel Avery – 307309
  • T2 – No More White Horses
  • Ultrasound – Asylum
  • Sandy Denny – You Never Wanted Me
  • Jackson C. Frank – Golden Mirror
  • Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love
  • Hirose Aina – Otona Ni Nanka Naranaide (Do not become an adult?)

The full cover collage, ‘Banuary’:

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