RC 170: Oddz and Sods 11 – All Good Things

Back with attack and a very big Mack(intosh), it’s a new Odds and Sodz show with an exclusive from Phil n’ Dog, an exclusive new mashup from me (now released over at AudioPornCentral), and loads of great tunes, in the LONGEST EVAH Radio Clash at over 2 hours…in honour of the mighty mighty WOBCast (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

What is a Cherry Chopstick anyways? (103Mb,  130Min)

  • Phil n’ Dog – Bleeding Rascal (EXCLUSIVE!)
  • Negativland – Richard Nixon Died Today (from Thigmotactic)
  • Senor Coconut and his Orchestra – Around The World (Rumba) (from Around the World)
  • People Like Us – Singin’ In The Shower (via WFMU)
  • Fosforo – Desconocido (via WFMU)
  • Vampire Weekend – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  • David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones (from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today)
  • Wally Whyton – Don’t You Push Me Down (from Fred Deakin’s Triptych)
  • Joe Meek – Keep Your Sunny Side Up
  • Negativland – It’s Not a Critique (from Thigmotactic)
  • Senor Coconut and his Orchestra – Moscow Discow (Mambo) (from Around the World)
  • Ame – Fiori
  • Jonathan and Darlene Edwards – Tiptoe Through The Tulips
  • Negativland – Kind Of Grumpy (from Thigmotactic)
  • Instamatic – I Kissed a Monster (EXCLUSIVE!) part of Guilty Pleasures – Volume One: We All Kissed A Girl at APC
  • Finitribe – De Testimony
  • Handbook for the Recently Dead – Hell is Other People
  • Chase and Status – Indian Dub aka Eastern Jam (from their Radio 1 Essential Mix)
  • Braintax – Decade (from Panorama)
  • Deman Rockers – Iron Lady (from Ragga Twins Step Out)
  • Kid Carpet – Nelson Street Space Invaders (from Ideas And Oh Dears)
  • George Michael – Cars And Trains (from Patience)
  • Negativland – Basketball Plant (from Thigmotactic)
  • Dusty Springfield – Am I The Same Girl
  • Soko – I’ll kill her
  • Finitribe – Hypnopaedia (from An Unexpected Groovy Treat)
  • Air Alone In Kyoto (from Lost in Translation)
  • Finitribe – Mellowman (from An Unexpected Groovy Treat)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Save Me a Place (from Tusk)

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