Radio Clash 89: DJNoNo is a Muppet

DJNoNo is a complete muppet – he forgot to play a listener remix, and then submitted a long mix of Muppetitis and Muppetry in Motion…there’s no hope for him, really.

Hiii-yaaaahh!!!! (50Mb, 86mins)


  • Who Boys – Music to Murder Spies By
  • TV on the Radio – Satellite
  • B52’s – Lava
  • Ming – Subculture

DJNoNo Muppetry of the Penis mix

  • Mahna Mahna (German)
  • Lenlow – Kayne Mahna
  • Sensimilia Street
  • Alex H – Mahna Mahna in Memphis
  • Avenue Q – Mixtape
  • Alex H – Mupp it Out
  • Swedish Chef
  • Pilchard – Macamuppet
  • Fonzie and Kermit – Movin’ Right Along
  • Avenue Q – The Internet is For Porn
  • Rubber Duckie (Sesame Fever)
  • Avenue Q – If You Were Gay
  • A Little Girl (Marilyn Sokol) – I Want a Monster (from 365 project)
  • Ernie and Bert – But I Like You
  • Phil n’ Dog – Muppet Gay Bar
  • Mark Summers – Summers Magic
  • I Lost My Cookie (Sesame Fever)
  • Allister – Fraggle Rock
  • DJNoNo – Thugged Out Fraggle Rock Bitch
  • Urban Hype – A Trip to Trumpton
  • Braces TowerEleven Twelve
  • Bert – I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon
  • Sesame’s Treet – Sesame Street
  • Avenue Q – For Now
  • Kermit – Bein’ Green

(Image by Michael Verhoef Creative Commons)


  1. September 25

    *slaps self in forehead* The Bran Flakes do a bootleg remix of Fozie and Kermit’s “Movin’ Right Along” – wish I’d remembered to post that one, ’tis a goodie.

    The night before you posted this I was listening to a Miss Piggy aerobics parody record. What is wrong with us?

  2. September 26

    I’d love to hear that bootleg mix! I LOVE movin’ right along….

    We are scarred from our youth LOL

  3. Timo
    September 26

    Hi Tim, I just heard that you plan to emphasize the music-chat-part and reduce the actual music-part of your shows. Well, I just wanted to say that while I like the chatty bits (especially the Tim&Kirk-Shows) the main reason for me tuning in every week is the music. For me your blog is one of the primary sources of good mashups and links to other mashup-websites. So for me it’d really be a loss if you played less music. Hope you are having a good time, Timo

  4. September 26

    Timo – probably won’t be less music, but wondering whether to cut down on the long mixes and themes and just do more like the Random show – themes are fun but time consuming, and long mixes / sections tend to mean I reel off a load of track titles rather than talk about the music.I think I want to go back to more of the original 1-2 songs then talk idea.

    Mr Fab – they are great! I love Kitty Takes a Ride…

  5. September 26

    And TV On The Radio have a new album out now called Return To Cookie Mountain. I’ve had it for a while now (thanks Soulseek!) and the album seems hit-or-miss. Their first EP still remains my favorite release by them, but the new album is definitely worth checking out.

  6. Mat
    September 29

    Don’t change the format!

    It’s great like it is. “Just The Wu Of Us” is really good – the drumming was beautifully slack.

  7. […] Launched earlier this week, Bride of Monster Mash is a compilation featuring a new spooktacular mash from our very own DJNoNo called ‘County Sound’ mixing Count von Count with Aphrodite and Dillinja – altogether “1-2-3-4 I love counting, I can never never stop!”. (BTW those of you that heard DJNoNo’s show 89’s Muppet Mix would have heard the genesis of this track, it came out of the same mix). And apparently the people over at Boing Boing love the album too, but gave special mention to DJNoNo’s track – we’re not worthy! Also features raves from the grave from Pilchard, DJBC, fettdog, Mr FAB/RIAA, Cheekyboy, Essexboy, Juxtaposeur, Divide & Kreate, Apollo Zero and Irn Mnky and many more! […]

  8. ESQ
    October 9

    Check out “Muppet Mayhem” – Cat number FROG1 on… some early 90s Muppet breakbeat madness….

  9. […] OGs of the interwebs may be familiar with the new mashup trend and I’ve enjoyed a few tracks here or there, the Biggie/Gnarls album was fun and there’s a few really excellent ones out. Way back before pentiums and amdidiums and Ghz’s I used to do a little MOD tracking of my own and have since spend a few minutes here and there staying on the comp-music trends, so I have a soft spot for for this kind of creation and innovation. But now the mashup trend has produced something greater and more awesome than I ever could have expected- Muppet Mashup Mix. […]

  10. Ross
    October 10

    Er, “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” is sung by Ernie, not Bert. 🙂

  11. » Blog Archive » favorite finds this week
    October 12

    […] DJ NoNo’s Muppetry of the Penis mix from Radio Clash 89 […]

  12. September 14

    haha some good ones in there, Fonzie and the Kermit?

  13. August 7

    I heard a funny one once with grover. Does anyone know the name of it?

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