Radio Clash 69: Revolutionary 69 Dudes!

“Hey Mr DJ or Miss…isn’t it time you turned 33 and a third into one Revolutionary 69?”

We hit the hi-tech groove with Elektric Cowboy, team 9 and several excerpts from Audioshrapnel’s great Last Bastard long mix…with DJ farty interuptions from the great Wayne Butane and that cnut Frenchbloke, and a new Kleptones track you won’t find on the new album, and some ol’ Anarchy in the UK with V for Vendetta.

Apologies for another long show, but since the original was over 100minutes (!) I think I’ve done well to edit it down…

Cliquez vous here, mate (78mins, 46mins)

  • Wayne Butane – Country Doctor (start excerpt – from ‘Wayne Butane Sucks Bigtime’ , go on buy it here!)
  • team 9 – crazy times
  • Audioshrapnel – Last Bastard Set – (excerpt 1 – full tracklisting here) including Pilchard’s Clapstero, Divide & Kreate‘s Whitney/Jet mash and Aggro1/Sam Flanagans Don’t Cha Beat It
  • PWEI – Hit the Hitech Groove
  • Elektric Cowboy – Paris Head
  • Kleptones – Eyesight Killer (from EP2)
  • Audioshrapnel – Last Bastard Set (excerpt 2 – full tracklisting here)
  • Ukrainians – Anarchy in the UKraine
  • Simon Ritchie – Anarchy in the UK (from Squeezebox Schizophrenia, as heard on the WOBcast)
  • Wayne Butane – Country Doctor (excerpt from Wayne Butane Sucks Bigtime’)
  • Anarchy / V for Vendetta related Police State rant
  • Frenchbloke – Dave and Jeff Talking to DJ Frenchbloke (from FB’s myspace)
  • cnut – talking to the DJ
  • Fall – High Tension Lines
  • Audioshrapnel – Last Bastard Set (excerpt 3 – full tracklisting here) including the Klaxons great cover of ‘The Bouncer’ available on their Myspace
  • No I’m not John Peel!
  • DJ Earlybird – Serge Gainsbourg vs Elvis vs Dolly Parton
  • Wayne Butane – Unusual Sounds (end excerpt from Wayne Butane Sucks Bigtime’)


  1. Conrad Slater
    March 27

    That one was brilliant. Ever track a winner – loved it. Thanks

  2. March 28

    Hey Tim — very much enjoyed the Anarchy in the Ukraine as I shopped in some alterna-bio organic how much can one spend on tea grocery shop. Go forth and curse near cops but not quite at them!

  3. Vim
    March 29

    Another top show. Er, that’s it really – carry on 🙂

  4. Pete
    March 30

    Really enjoyed listening to this as I wondered between meetings yesterday. Particularly liked the snippets of Audioshrapnel’s mix especially the Klaxons Boucer cover.
    Thanks again for the shout out. I think I’ll finish the next WoBcast with the Ukulele Orchestra’s version of Je t’aime to keep the Serge theme going.

  5. bristle
    March 30

    only just come across this (ooerr missus), really enjoyed it, keep up the good work old bean!

    (ps ‘the bouncer’ was originally by ‘kicks like a mule’ iirc – human resource’s big track was ‘dominator’)

  6. March 30

    aha yeah Kicks Like a Mule, DOH should know that.

    thanks – and I like a Serge theme (although we might have to create signs eventually with ‘Beware of the Serge’ on them? 😉

  7. Two boots with Young Ones… rock on!! Huzzah for the Kids.

    It’s dishearterning to be reminded that abuse of police power happens the world over… but I suppose the “absolute power” thing is a maxim for a reason.

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