Bah Humbug mix reposted

I’ve reposted my bah humbug long mix from last year on my Multiply: (tracklist on the original post here:

It’s my scrooge-tastic long mix of songs/cutups that remind me of Xmas cheer – yes the cheer I give when it’s over….So this is for those like me in a festering rather than festive mood, I dedicate this mix to you. I hope you survive the Xmess intact. And to the others, you give me a Christmas cracker at your own risk…

I will probably be giving out the odd CD to first 10-15 people at Hectic Eclectic 2 of the tracks used in this mix and a few more


  1. Pete
    December 8

    Bloody brilliant mix. Missed this last year. Sorry

  2. Pete
    December 8

    Sorry I can’t get to London next week. Love to get a copy of the CD.


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