BAH HUMBUG report & pics

Jeb live
Jeb £50 Note on the mic

The second Radio Clash night – BAH HUMBUG went really well, with a large crowd staying til 3am; and Eric Kleptone and Jeb £50 Note both played great sets, and I got into the action later on DJing with Eric!
Tim & Jeb
Me and Jeb (taken by John Shed)

Jeb started at 9pm rocking the place with the likes of The Knife and doing several live songs until 11pm, even including a great cover of ‘It’s Percussion’ where he rapped (who knew Jeb could rap?) and then after his set was the one and only performance of the TBC Poundsystem (remember them?) doing a new version of ‘Losing My Sledge’ which is a mashup-cum-parody-cum-Xmas-song called ‘Don’t Lose my Funky Sledge’ (also included on the free CDs I gave out to the first lucky 10 people).

Jeb giving it MORE COWBELL! (John Shed)

So I was on stage doing backup vocals and sleighbells, and even attained some sleighbell-related injuries – some blisters. Ouch! We had a technical difficulty half-way through (it’s a long song) but then people were grooving to the backing…yes I’ll be releasing this soon!
Eric Kleptone
You asked for WHAT? – Eric Kleptone

Then Eric Kleptone of the Kleptones came on and did an astounding set, a laptop/Ableton set as in San Fran and played his great Aphex Twin/Bon Jovi mix, as well as other classics and new ones…the dancefloor was full and stayed that way!

Eric Kleptone brings it ON!
Eric Kleptone BRINGS IT ON!!!

Eric did a 2-3 hour set, and then we did a 1-2-1 back-to-back set, the crowd was mostly members and a birthday party at that point so we had to adapt and play less bootlegs and more known stuff, but we got em dancing til 3am!
Santa Tim!
Santa Tim! (by John Shed)

More pictures on my Flickr here (more to follow)

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