Bah Humbug! Repeats are so disappointing aren’t they?

I hate repeats, but Xmess is coming and you’d better get used to them, so here’s my Bah Humbug mix which is now on Mixcloud, again for the 50 Million Time. Well it is fucking Xmas and SNOWMAGEDDON!!!111 has happened, Eurostar and European rail is in disarray and looks like I might be trapped on this damp, now rather ice and snowbound depressing little isle rather than Milan and Venice so you may as well share my depression and angst.

Don’t let it be said I’m not the sharing type especially at this time of year where shoppers elbow you out of the way, everything is hyper-expensive, seeing people you’ve not seen in years, and two (count em, TWO) inches of snow stops everything dead…

I might be working on an Xmas podcast for Radio Clash, but that too might get lost in the inch of snow until spring…

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