Tag: cutup

November 27 /

LOL love this…mock these people (I won’t do a Jessica Hynes and drop the C-word as she did on Last Leg but I agree with her) mercilessly, it’s their weak point. From The Pledge, via Eddy TM.

March 28 /

I wish the TV debates had gone like this interesting cutup from Cassetteboy…And I’m curious about that film, the one that caused the ‘lunchgate’ from a freelancer who couldn’t go eat on a park bench (as I would), and just…

February 21 /

https://youtu.be/-YCeIgt7hMs Seems like everyone has seen or posted this, but if you haven’t seen this Cassetteboy style Jimmy Fallon NBC Nightly news cutup then it’s very good, especially the guest stars.

December 31 /

I don’t know who Rastatroll Battyboy Sound System are, but I LOVE YOU. Very funny, very rude, very NSFW, making a queer dub reggay cutup dancehall mashups. Years ago I downloaded some dancehall acapellas with the idea of taking the…