Psychodelidisco (Disco Psycheness) – 3 hour psychedelic space disco mix

I’m getting out
I’m moving on
And from now on
address unknown…

More of a Disco graduation thesis than a mix, this has taken over 9 months and was supposed to be a prequel to Disco Queerness but that mix overtook it! It’s probably the longest I’ve ever worked on a mix, and I think it shows. It’s one of my best, but then again if I was on Mastermind I’d probably choose Space Disco or Disco ’78 as my special subject. I LOVE that period and genre, and get rather obsessive about it. Hence there being many space disco related podcasts on Radio Clash!

From Space Disco, Italo Disco, space funk, disco covers of psychedelic rock, afrobeat and African electronica, indian and Bollywood disco to electro, library music, modern nu-disco and re-edits inc several of my new remixes. It’s an attempt to prove that disco isn’t cheesy, and there is a lot of psychedelic and heavier themes if you dig deeper. In fact hearing modern ‘deep house’ is what triggered this, I wanted to prove that not only house is ‘deep’, there is a history there.

Around 1978 there was a Star Wars led explosion of space disco, but also throughout the 70’s a searching for deeper things – from the frankly strange Venus Gang – Dies Irae (Gregorian disco? It’s not alone in disco with religious themes – like azoto’s proto-acid Havah Nagilah, and Alec R. Constandinos and Don Ray (Sphinx) with their Judas/Simon Peter 12″) and flirting with the occult and tarot like Mort Garson and Bruce Haack in electronic music and society as a whole. Disco wasn’t an exception to those trends, but a lot of these disco rock crossovers and failed commercial hybrids sunk without a trace, and have never been re-released on other formats.

Hence I’ve remastered and remixed quite a few tracks on this mix, because sometimes they were released on 7″ only and completely forgotten about, like Midnight Stud’s crazy yet beautiful (and queer!) cover of Them’s Gloria, or Demis Roussos with his forgotten 1975 disco gem, Midnight Is The Time I Like. I will be posting the mixes and re-edits separately at some point…but for now, only available here!

Special thanks go out to the usual crew but also Baron Von Luxxury, Late Nite Tuff Guy and Greg Wilson for mix inspiration.

As it’s a mammoth 3 hours, I’m also going to upload it in 3 parts to Mixcloud (the download will be the full 3 hours), but I recommend listening to the whole thing. Download is VBR MP3 but my AAC is SO much better and smaller in size. All you anti-Apple people better get with the 21st century at some point…but I know I’d get moaning if I put that in the feed! I’ve also included an AAC/M4A download just this time if you don’t believe me!

Drink The Disco Kool Aid – MP3 (3:07, 324Mb)
Drink The Disco Kool Aid – M4A (3:07, 191Mb)

I am standing in the sun
I wish that I could be
a silent sphinx eternally.
I don’t want any past
only want things which cannot last
and I can’t even cry
through God knows how I try –
a sphinx can never cry
and sphinxes never die.


  • Amanda Lear – Follow Me (Us 12″ Mix)
  • Buffalo Featuring Peter Vee – All Along The Watchtower
  • Midnight Stud – Gloria (fingertrouble remix)
  • azoto – Havah Nagilah
  • Venus Gang – Dies Irae
  • Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
  • Don Ray – Standing In The Rain
  • Asha Puthli – 1001 Nights Of Love (Reprise)
  • Hot Chocolate – Put Your Love In Me
  • Julio Bashmore – Rhythm Of Auld (Re-Edited With Love by Seamus Haji)
  • Supermax – Spooky
  • Fern Kinney – Love Me Tonight (Martin & Rymer Edit)
  • Capricorn – Capricorn (Vocal)
  • Shock – R.E.R.B.
  • Babla & His Orchestra – Man Dole Mera Tan Dole
  • Hot Chocolate – Mindless Boogie
  • Q – The Voice Of Q (Original 12” Mix)
  • A Guy Called Gerald feat Lisa May – The Curse Of Voodoo Ray (Lion Rock Soundtrack 12″ Mix)
  • Late Nite Tuff Guy – I Dont Like Acid (Late Nite Tuff Guy Rework)
  • Demis Roussos – Midnight Is The Time I Need You (fingertrouble’s Disco Midnight mix)
  • Benis Cletin – Jungle Magic (fingertrouble remix)
  • Eddie Hooper – Pass It On (fingeredit)
  • The Doors – Riders on the Storm (Luxxury Live Remix)
  • Nicolas Jaar – No One Is Looking At U
  • Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (TEEMID & Joie Tan Cover)
  • Greg Wilson Featuring The Reynolds – Summer Came My Way (Luxxury Club Mix)
  • Linda Law – All The Night
  • Space Art – Welcome to Love
  • Patrick Cowley – Somebody to Love Tonight
  • John Forde – Stardance
  • Mistral – Starship 109
  • Asha Bhosle & Chorus – Udi Baba
  • Air – Night Hunter
  • John Forde – Atlantis
  • James Last – Mamy Blue
  • Mort Garson – Deja Vu
  • Asha Puthli – Space Talk (Sleazy McQueen Edit)
  • Celebrity Murder Party – Apocadisco
  • Magical Ring – Touch As Much
  • Eddie Hooper – Tomorrow’s Sun
  • Brian Bennett – Solstice
  • Salma Agha – Come Closer
  • Linda Law – Nights In White Satin
  • Amanda Lear – The Sphinx (12″ Version)
  • Giorgio Moroder – (Theme From) Midnight Express
  • Michael Maller & Muriel Baroty – Via Venus
  • Patrick Cowley – Out Of Body
  • Mistral – Jamie
  • Cerrone – In the Smoke
  • Röyksopp – Thank You
  • Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose
  • John Barry & Donna Summer – Theme from The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song)
  • Boney M. – Somewhere In The World (Long Version)

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