Feel My Bicep

Heard about this Bicep – After Hours mix for Pete Tong via an email about the upcoming Feel My Bicep Italo Disco party in March (if I had the funds…) but oddly it’s not what I’d call Italo, they call it slowed down 90’s trance re-edits, but it sounds more Belgian New Beat and Acid to me?

Anyway it’s very good, and I think those of you that dug my Psychodelidisco mix will love this.

As I’ve been saying for ages since I heard that Luxxury Slower mix, 105bpm is the new 140bpm, slower is the new thing…slowcore? Slowave? (Ugh, stop Tim trying to be all journo and invent new names for it!) But it’s definitely a thing, coming via nu-disco and Ibiza, and resurgence in interest in slower disco grooves, new beat et al.

Listening now to their Synthol (LOL) mix, it’s very good too.

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