Emperor’s New Clothes

I wish the TV debates had gone like this interesting cutup from Cassetteboy…And I’m curious about that film, the one that caused the ‘lunchgate’ from a freelancer who couldn’t go eat on a park bench (as I would), and just moaned about Russell on behalf of his employer, who would drop you in a heartbeat!

Kind of disappointed that Milliband wasn’t in here, with their new bullshit immigration control stance trying to woo Tories and UKIP floaters…or Ed Balls with keeping the austerity crap going and only the likes of Syriza even partly contesting this silly story, they are ALL the same bar maybe the Greens and a few of the indies/smaller parties.

And then these people wonder why they are fucked…but I’m sorry that I’ve been quiet about the election and UK politics, it just seems so impossible at the moment. None of them apart from the Greens really seem to care, and if I could vote ‘RESET – TRY AGAIN’ I would.

That’s an idea – why don’t all elections have an extra option, one that is ‘all choices do not represent me – go back, elect new leaders and try again’. You’d be surprised how many people vote then – that would be REAL change rather than this crappy first past the post system. So many times have I been lectured as someone who will vote Green most likely by Labour supporters about ‘tactical’ voting. No wonder 60-70% of people are so apathetic when their vote is seen as worthless, because a sure-fire way of making people not bother is to make them vote for people they hate. For instance: I will never vote Liberal Democrat again, however ‘tactical’ it might be, not after this trainwreck of a government and going back on nearly all of their pledges.

And Ed will lose, and it won’t be the Tories, UKIP, SNP or the Green’s fault – it will be the fault of a party that’s not faced up to it’s Blairite mistakes, still riven with internal discord. Those old Blair Babies need to go – only then can they stop with the neo-Tory policies and get on with some socialism. Ironically this would be the best ever time for a true left-wing party with austerity and recession – but they fucked it. Only the Greens seem to be vaguely there, sadly.

So I’d rather talk mashups and world politics – because it’s far less depressing, and in other parts of the world change might actually happen, rather than this stasis we have here. And anyway, I banged on about this stuff for almost a decade, no-one listened…until it was too late. With irony I see the same stuff popping up, people who didn’t give a fuck are politicised…which is good to see, but I can’t stop thinking ‘where were you when we needed you?’.

Populace doesn’t care until their self interest is endangered, sadly…as I forecast when the recession kicked in. No-one will really care until they lose THEIR job and THEIR house. That’s the root of the problem of ‘nobody to vote for’ – the apathy and lack of interest has allowed these corrupt bland bastards to flourish. There are very few voices counter to that narrative – Russell Brand being one of them. I wish them well, and hope they succeed. Sadly the current world shift to ‘fascism’ and right-wing doesn’t really look good. I’m in lockdown mode for the future. Here come the zombies…

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