Radio Clash 79: Boot to the Old Skool (2001-2003) Part 1

The First Bastard Flyer

[excerpt of the first Bastard flyer – by Douglas Pledger]

Back 2 the Bootleg Old Skool, with Bastard Pop*, Glitch, Bootlegs* and Mashups* from the archive from 2001 to 2003.

Part 1 of a personal journey into my favourite tunes from the Start of Modern Bootleggery As We Know It.

All mashups are available for download below for a short while…don’t kill my bandwidth though 😀
Gonna Go Click, WAAAAY Click here (36Mb, 62 Mins)

And covering 1996-2003 is part two RC #82.


  • Freelance Hellraiser – Stroke of Genie-us (2001)
  • GHP – You Make Me Feel XTC (2003)
  • MC Sleazy – Don’t Call Me Song2 (2001/2002?)
  • Braces Tower – Don’t Wanna Go (2003)
  • Soulwax – No Fun / Push It (2001)
  • conway – Lisa’s Got Hives (2001/2002?)
  • Lionel Vinyl – Owner of a Lonely Butt (2003)
  • Girls on Top (aka Richard X) – Warm Bitch (2001)
  • Stark Effect – Gonna Make You Stupid (2002)
  • Freelance Hairdresser – Marshall’s Been Done to Death (2002)
  • Soundhog – I Wish I Was a Bulldog (2002)
  • Frenchbloke & Son – Sound of Da S-Club (2001/2002?)
  • flashbulb – ll cool j mamma said knock you out (2003)
  • skatter – Madonna is a Filthy Slut (2003)
  • Poj Masta – Chopped Up Chic Freak (2003)
  • Apeboy – Enya vs Prodigy (1999-2002?, redone by Lenlow 2005)
  • Adam and Joe Podcast – R Kelly Trapped in the Closet

* same thing, really.

Relatio Clash


  1. Jeff Lockwood
    June 29


    The flashbulb track is teh bomb!
    (My wife still hates it….with a passion!)
    Glad you played it – otherwise it is relegated to the back corner of my I-pod…


  2. Lee (nlotic)
    June 29

    I was visiting Boom Selection often when they were doing the “Without Me” contest. “Marshall’s Been Snookered” is still one of my faves, but “Gonna Make You Stupid” is still my all time favorite.

  3. June 30

    Another great show, Tim. As someone who missed a lot of the early 00’s boots, I have to say I found this edition of Radio Clash particularly enlightening.

  4. johnyt
    July 12

    nice one.. its kinda catch up for those that are new these

  5. July 13

    Tim, I’m way behind, but this was your best show ever! Owner of a Lonely Butt is priceless.

  6. Idiotless
    July 14

    Yo, The download link for Enya vs. Prodigy is for the Lenlow Edit, not the original circa 2002.

    Good show! I’m glad to get some of these early 00 boots.

  7. July 14

    No I’m pretty sure that is the Apeboy original – unless he managed to jump in a timewarp and burn it on my CD…

    I’ll check – but his is usually clearly marked [Lenlow Edit]

  8. Paul
    July 16

    … and some Warm Leatherette in there somewhere.

  9. July 16

    sorry you’re right that’s the wrong Enya vs Prodigy version – I wonder why I have a version without ID3 tags?

    Grr! It’s changed now.

    i really really wish people would do their ID3 tags properly…

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