Radio Clash 82: Boot 2 The Old Skool Pt. 2 (1996-2003)

[Excerpt of Boomselection flyer 2003, artist unknown]

Another hop, skip and a swift kick to the groin down memory lane, playing the boots of yesteryear in all their Foster and Allen Solid Gold Glory.

As with Part One, all bootlegs and bastard pop muppetry downloadable at this very establishment below, for a short while.

Back to the Futon here (79Mins, 47Mb)


  • Evolution Control Committee – Rocked by Rape (2000 2003)
  • Go Home Productions – Baby’s Got A Crazy Horse (B@stard Remix) (2003)
  • h2theizzo (2002)
  • Braces Tower – Eleven Twelve (2003?)
  • Osymyso – On? Osymsyso No! (1999)
  • Lance Lockarm – Shotlicker (2003)
  • Freelance Hairdresser – One Minute Marioland (2002)
  • Reverend Dan – It’s getting bongo rock in her (2003)
  • Evolution Control Committee – Rebel Without A Pause (1996)
  • FunDaMental/AudioShrapnel – Dexy Enemy (2001?)
  • Stark Effect – Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese & Milk (2002?)
  • Pop Bastard – AEIOU Nothing (2003)

Shout out:

  • SCO Network – Lick Shots (2002)
  • Bitter Sound Foundation – We Will Ska You (2003)
  • Ultra396 – Sexy Dub (2002)
  • Fondue Meltdown – Get Your Beats On (2002)
  • DJ Frenchbloke – Ich Hab Meine Bizkit (2002)
  • Osysmyso – John’s Not Mad (2002?)
  • Sleazyboy – Crazy in California (2003)
  • Gordyboy – A Hidden Forest (2003)
  • Loo & Placido – Safari Love (2003)


  1. July 28

    Geez, the scene’s been around so long we got an “old-school”? And nostalgia? I had an all-bootleg Live365 station (something they no longer allow) that played alot of these tunes.

    Actually “Rocked By Rape” came out around ’98 or ’99 as a single that got quickly suppressed. I dl-ed it off Napster around ’99.

  2. July 28

    Or 2000. (I just checked ECC’s website).

  3. July 29

    ok I was confused by the CBS threat updated dated 2003…elsewhere the Cease and Desist is dated 2003 (?)

  4. July 29

    Changed – the ECC example is one that’s verifiable cos they mention ont their website – but sadly most of the dates are estimates since the sites like Boom are long gone…

    Even Wikipedia doesn’t have dates of releases *sigh*

  5. August 4

    bah! i don’t believe it, i only got a chance to listen to this tonight – great, as ever – but i can’t believe you’ve used the ecc track, i did a humble wee radio show with that said same song the other day! just my luck, all the k3wl kidz in the playground will think i stole it off you (well, at least they might not notice the rest) πŸ˜‰

    keep up the good work souljah ü

  6. August 7

    hehehe well it’s good track – looking at that show, the choices are really good, esp. Don’t Roll Me Down which I actually was planning to play so maybe ppl will think I’m copying you πŸ˜‰

  7. Little Money
    April 4

    the choices are really good! fantastic!!!

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