Radio Clash 99: San Francisco Pt 2 – British Backroom Boys

This part is where I concentrate on the backroom aka the upper lounge at Bootie where Bastard USA happened, and interview nearly all of the british contingent and play bits of their sets, and one of mine – a new in-progress DjNoNo track. I recorded the whole night and you can hear the complete sets here (courtesy of Dog – thanks!).

Part 3 will appear, whenever and will most likely include the A+D interview, some location recording and the rest of the Eric Kleptone interview where we talk about SF itself.

Photos are now up on my Flickr.

Fumble in the backroom (80mins, 50Mb)


  • DJNoNo – Jetboy Flashback
  • Phil n Dog mix extract – Raven Maize vs Donna Summer DMC bootleg
  • Ian Fondue interview
  • Ian Fondue mix extract:
  • FM – Siren intro
  • FM – Call me on Saturday night
  • Freelance Hellraiser – can you feel millenium lick shots?
  • Dog interview
  • Phil n Dog mix extract:
  • Jimmy J – 99 Red balloons (happy hardcore version)
  • C.h.a.o.s. Productions – Are you Gonna be My Animal?
  • Phil n’ Dog – Gay muppet Bar (extended)
  • Steve Supercollider interview
  • Supercollider ft Octafish – Black Metal Tarantula (basstastic mix)
  • Supercollider ft Octafish – Voodoo Bastard
  • Kinsey Sicks – I will Always Love Booze

Bastard USA photo 2


  1. thesinkster
    November 27

    *sigh* i expected the people on the coast to be more open to your tunes. on one hand, i would like for this to catch on so that it would trickle down to the clubs in my area. but, when things do catch on in the U.S., they seem to get distorted or watered down or just plain not as good. whatev. LOVED that billie jungle track and the new dj nono track sounds really good so far!!

  2. Pete
    November 27

    Hey thesinkster, glad you liked the Billie Jungle track, though I would point out that DJ C is himself from Boston.
    I’d also like to point out that the interviews may give a slightly distorted view of Bootie. I played Jungle in that back room and during my second set loads of people were into it and the dancefloor was full. I think as Tim pointed out the audience was very trasitory on the night. I probably caught a good spell, but the people in the room at that point were well up for something a bit different and bangin’. It was great fun.

    Great podcast Tim, looking forward to act 3.

    Pete Juxtaposeur

  3. December 2

    Hello, its nutronicus from GYBO here. Just wanted to say i’ve listened to both parts of this podcast and enjoyed it totally. Where can I get a feed of the actual event, including your set etc?

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