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November 29 /
November 28 /

As a mammoth task (or is that tusk) I’ve now uploaded all Radio Clash shows to Mixcloud, just in time for the 10th anniversary tomorrow. That’s 427 hours, 21 minutes and 29 seconds of music, chat, bad mixing, interviews and…

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October 3 /

In a few weeks it will be 10 years since the unfortunate death of John Peel. So it seems totally appropriate that there is a new compilation remembering John Peel from Unwashed Territories including a new 2014 drum and bass…

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August 5 /

Ooh look what just popped up on my computer (thank you Get iPlayer and PVR, yes Stanshall and Radiophonic search terms are always on scan), the BBC are replaying 3 episodes of what I presume the only high-quality versions they…

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