Christ re-releases rare album

Really enjoying this rare limited edition bonus album by christ. formerly released in 2005 as part of the Minerals boxset, for a short time you can buy it via Bandcamp. I bought a copy and I don’t own that much christ. – unusually I LOVE this album in the ways the more acclaimed ones pass me by (Distance Lends Enchantment To The View for instance, although I’ve played some tracks off Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle in the past, I love some of that, and of course that amazing Peel Session ;-)

Surprised his first two ‘albums’ are on Discogs Yugo77 and Delicass Harmonium though, since I think they never ever existed – that’s the joke. Pretty sure they are ghost albums or were never released.

RC 222: All the Ducks (Odds & Sods 13)

I’ve been doing such a run of themed shows that I had a massive pile of great tunes with nowhere to go, so I’ve created not one but two separate ‘Odds and Sods’ shows – if you don’t know about them, maybe search through the Radio Clash archive ;-) Basically the shows where the tracks are all misfit orphans, but we love them all the same.

This one is strangely duck themed – comes from the episode number (BINGO!) but also as random as crispy duck in hoisin sauce. Which isn’t random, but the analogy is.

Much love again for this episode for Music for Maniacs and their Quackers Covers and to Naked on my Own & Dopedrone, Icons of Andria and Our Flaws Remain for sending in their tracks :-)

These Are The Drakes, Quack it up, quack it up, quack it up –  touchdown! (113Mb, 1:52)

  • Quentin Crisp – Stop The Music
  • Scissor Sisters – Shady Love
  • Plan B – Ill Manors (The Prodigy Remix)
  • Morgan Fisher – Green And Pleasant
  • John Cooper Clarke – Suspended Sentence
  • Our Flaws Remain – La Famiglia (Internet Assault Version)
  • Norman Lovett – John Peel Sings The Blues Badly
  • Louis Jordan – Choo Choo Ch’boogie
  • Gold Panda – Win-San Western
  • Jacques Siroul – See
  • Napt – Italian Spiderman Feat. Fireflowerz (Original Mix)
  • Morgan Fisher – Jah Wurzel – Wuthering Heights
  • Patrick Portella – Breather
  • Charlotte Dada – Don’t Let Me Down
  • El-P – For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums The Word)
  • Jiri Bezant/Jiri Malasek – Erotica (B)
  • Tommy Seebach – Booble Sex
  • Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band – My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes
  • Prefab Sprout – Bonny ( Leo Zero Re-Work )
  • Andy Partridge – History Of Rock And Roll
  • Dopedrone & Naked On My Own – Tunnel
  • Icons of Andria – The Universal Way (Their Facebook)
  • Dusty Springfield – I’ve Been Wrong Before

John Peel’s Record Collection

It’s been floating around the blogotwitfaceosphere since Monday, but only really had a look now at the John Peel’s Record Collection site. Love the videos and photos, and small peek into his amazing collection. I hope at some point they allow access to the entire archive as a database, I’m sure some really good uses that could be put to (even if the site just goes and finds tracks off YouTube that would be good).

The downside is obvious – I think fans (well myself, extrapolated ;-) hoped to be able to look through the whole collection, although obviously lack of funds means that’s quite a big ask (BBC? Hello?). Also the lack of info about sessions and shows – it’s rather incomplete, for that I’d suggest the John Peel Wiki, which also has full shows that were lovingly taped by fans back in the day.

The lack of complete Peel shows reminds me – I wonder if with all the frequency/bandwidth that the BBC et al now has with the switchover, will they start nichecasting – ie. creating small stations about one subject or show, with maybe subscription basis. I think a good one to start with would be John Peel – I could imagine a station made up just of John Peel shows from different eras, I’d subscribe, and I think a lot of people would. Really the future isn’t a few main channels, or making them all 3D/HD, the idea of  a monoculture is dead –  it’s a lot of niche digital subscription channels serving everyone.

Oh and if you’re interested in his record collection and John Peel in general, and his famous ‘star’ system, watch this documentary for his 60th birthday where he explains it:

Steve Albini on John Peel, Sonic Youth and how GQ & Fashion should Fail

Steve Albini, everyone’s favourite ‘don’t give a fuck’ misanthrope this side of Mark E, was interviewed in GQ a few years back. Yes THAT GQ – I missed it then but a link to a quote is doing the rounds again and I tracked down the interview. It’s funny, and right on the money and is talking about the same themes as I was in the Radio Musicola podcast. For instance he talks about John Peel:

“For example, when John Peel died, that closed a pretty important chapter of radio in England. The BBC is a miracle, but John Peel was one of the things that kept it human.”


“His work ethic was absolutely incredible. He made it a point of pride to listen to every record that anyone sent him. He would listen literally to dozens of records a day. He said something once that I thought was really profound: He said that no one would bother making a record and sending it to him if they thought it was shitty. Obviously, to the people making those records, they are important. If he doesn’t get it as a listener, if he didn’t like it in some way, that’s his fault, not the fault of the people who did something important to them. That’s a pretty amazing, humble insight for someone like him to have. A lot of radio professionals kind of feel like they know the game, they know what’s good. His way of looking at it was much more selfless: there was this culture of bands creating music and he was getting to audition some of it. Then he could spread it out to the rest of the world if it struck his fancy. Just because he didn’t like something didn’t mean it was bad. He was just deaf to it.”

And I agree, as a grunge fan of his analysis of Chumbawamba and especially Sonic Youth, their ‘it’s OK to sign major’ lead to a lot of heartache and I’ve never rated them as a band…also they gave Peely the runaround after they went major about doing Peel Sessions, which is why I don’t think there are any later ones. He also talks about The End of Radio, which I played in the podcast also, and welcomes the rise of the internet for independent bands. Check it out.

(image by Sarah Masters, link via Eve Massacre)

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