John Peel meets Aphex Twin and Vibert in Cornwall

I’ve watched some of the Sound of the Suburbs series many years ago but I’m sure this one wasn’t online then – a legendary and rare meeting of Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert at Gwennap Pit.

Found out about this via John Dorran’s review of the latest AFX EP, and the Laura Snapes article about the Cornish places that inspired him.

Talking about John Dorran and AFX, there’s a BBC Radio 4 documentary about the ‘ginger lying kid’ still up, not listened yet. (And like any of these things, gripes about not being able to see things cos of geolocking especially outside the UK can be addressed to: Mr I. Care-Not, Get A VPN Street, You Ludditetown, A Taste of Yr Own Medicineshire, IDC 4Q2).

I certainly can confirm cos my mother lived in Camelford, off-season Cornwall is pretty harsh and depressing. It’s not all hippies, crystals, ice creams and beaches even though like John Peel and my parents I do have good childhood memories of Kynance Cove (pre National Trust destruction), Land’s End, Lizard, etc. I’m guessing there is a kinship with Iceland is similarly bleak, and darker outside the summer.

And part two is here. By the way ‘Blew’ seems to have left for Manchester after this and rebranded as Haven. I’m guessing Johnny Marr’s manager ‘discovered’ them via the program.

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