The Disc jockeys (1970)

Amazing look into the working of Radio 1 in 1970 by Man Alive. Featuring the likes of John Peel, Kenny Everett, Jimmy Young, Emperor Rosko and yes Tony Blackburn, it’s a critical look at the rise of the DJ.

Several of them particularly doesn’t come over that well with Peel criticising the fact that some DJs seemed to be getting high on their own hype supply…

Also the groupies and comments about blondes and just kissing strange girls seems creepy even for then, it has not aged well.

Especially what we know now about certain DJs and stars who abused their position #metoo although thankfully none of those were in this programme…but you can see where that culture came from.

Great to also see Kenny at work and being very honest (possibly too dismissive of his work) about the frivolous nature of pop radio.

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