DAIDAIDAI and Homicidols

Checking back in with what is now called Chika / Loudols / Alt Idols (you know, BABYMETAL. Ladybaby et al) inspired by a few chats with @hinoirocks who is a long term follower of the blog. And things have moved on somewhat from the mid 10’s!

Not just the BABYMETAL track I played in the last show, saying goodbye to Yui Metal and one of their bandmembers, but it seems all kinds of styles and genres are fair game in the outskirts of the commercial Western-known end of kawaii metal and punk and idols.

Take this track by DAIDAIDAI – something that happily would be played on John Peel back in the day, a glitch video and even glitchier electronica, mixed with almost Hastune Miku style processed voices and a video that is a long way from the style of epic slick and expensive videos we’ve seen so far. Digging further as I am via Homicidols reveals a far wider alternative idol / pop scene than I expected…and one that is looking firmly outside of Japan to spread.

K-Pop better be scared.

Here’s another video, one that was sent to me by @hinoirocks as we discussed that ’14th Generation Hanako-san of Toilet’ was coming to the UK later in the year…she makes GG Allin and Iggy Pop look restrained, and inspired by a spooky story which makes Moaning Myrtle seem tame…but another group apparently coming over is the wonderfully named Necronomidol – here they are with Ithaqua, and a rather chilly video.

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