Cee Lo says ‘Fuck You’, internet goes crazy

Cee Lo’s single is an unsurprisingly pop-tastic gem from the new album that I blogged about a while back, apart from one teensy little detail- with typical Cee Lo contraryness and lack of interest for being mainstream I doubt you’ll be hearing it on the radio as it’s called ‘Fuck You’ and with the chorus going ‘And I’m like, Fuck you, ooo ooo ooo …Fuck you and fuck her too’ and the great line rhyming Ferrari with Atari ‘I guess he’s an X-Box and I’m more Atari, but the way you play the game ain’t fair’. And the rest of the lyrics are equally as invective – but over the catchiest tune this side of Nothin’ on you or Shutterbugg.

EDIT: According to Cee-Lo’s official site and YouTube the single is going to drop on October 4th, so the album The Lady Killer must be around then (previous estimates were a summer release).

Still the internets are rightly going viral on it’s ass right now…and rightly so, fuck yeah. (via Jeb 50PoundNote)

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  1. Harry
    August 23

    Triple J is pumping it over the airwaves in Australia in full uncensored glory. Mad props. Catchy as all hell.

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