Kleptones say do you fuck, Cee Lo fucks the video

Oh I am so banhammered on all the corporate WebNannyShieldManagerProFascistAntiGayCocksucking firewalls for that subject line, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m in a great mood cos not only has the proper video for Cee Lo’s TRACK OF THE YEAR dropped – and no he’s not paying me a dime, cos he’s more like Atari, and doesn’t have a Ferrari – but he does have a kickass video:

…also Ride On Zeitgeist Kleptones has done a quickie mash of said track with Flaming Lips ‘Do You Realise’. I think this is confirmation, along with the 4 million (!) hits in a week and a half this track is gonna be huge, and the corporate web censorin’ radio-friendly blanddogs are gonna be busy…not since Man Don’t Give a Fuck and Fuck the Pain Away has the bleepmachine probably gone into hystrionic meltdown, I bet…cos if it’s so evil why does it sound so GOOD? And why do you cheer Mr Green at the end of the video vs the bitch from hell when she gets her comuppance, reverse Cinders style.

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