Cee-Lo’s Stray Bullets and B-52’s (and a Red Right Hand)

Things have been quiet on the Cee-Lo front apart from the odd guest appearance; but his new solo LP ‘Lady Killer’ is going to drop shortly, new track Georgia is available to download over at RCRD LBL and he’s got a song on the new Twilight soundtrack (don’t hate…well do, but the soundtracks are usually quality even if the films are trash) and also released a new mixtape called Stray Bullets with DJ Greg Street which reunites Cee-Lo with his old Goodie Mob mates – and more unusually with the B-52’s.

Not listened to the rest of the mixtape yet but check out the Nick Cave ‘Red Right Hand’ sampling ‘Night Train’ below, it’s brilliantly moody (props go to twentyfourbit):

EDIT: Listening now, and props go to Cee-Lo who is one of about 3 people who seem to know Soko’s excellently deranged ‘I’ll Kill Her’ and used it for the basis of one of his songs….wicked.

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