Radio Clash 55: 1 Year Anniversary Listmania Tim and Kirk Show, Part Two

Part 2 of the Anniversary show – More listmadness and mania; bizarre babynames and lyrics; Ken and Squip drop by (literally), comments from Australia and Canada, strange list songs and cutups, a little help from our Franz and 20 more ways to lose your audience.

As before, probably not safe for work/brain/immature child/pets. Engage said brain while listening to work out your comfort zones. I hope you have a happy flight, thanks for flying Pointless Warning Airlines.

So get your sickbag (28Mb, 48mins)


  • Radio Clash: The Final Frontear
  • Kirk’s Cruel Intentions
  • Negativland – My Favorite Things
  • Bizarre Babynames
  • Comment from Greg in Canada
  • Bill Bailey – West Country Accents
  • Nina Gordon – Straight Outta Compton
  • Wrong Names make me Dazed and Confused
  • 10 Ten Mashups Listener List from Jeff Lockwood with ADDED! David Essex
  • Loo & Placido – Kids Rock
  • Ken and Squip’s Outside Helicopter Broadcast
  • RIAAThe Joy of Noise
  • Tim and Kirk’s Favourite / Bizarre Lyrics
  • KLF – It’s Grim Up North
  • Alex Kapranos Dines On the Beach / Tim and Kirk goto the Franz Ferdinand concert
  • birfday greeting from Marty Batfreak in Australia
  • Tim and Kirk: 20 Even More Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • John Valby – 50 Ways to Fuck Your Lover


  1. December 5

    Whoah! “The Joy of Noise” was played on your very first show, eh? I’d forgotten that, thanks, that makes it kinda historical (the song, that is).

  2. Digga
    December 8

    Loving the show guys. Nina Gordon was the best bit for me :o). Please, please, please can we have more Bill Bailey. This guys is a god!!!

    Loving your work, trying to download all of the archives and catch up with what i’ve been missing for the past year. My life is complete now.


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