Radio Clash 101: Traffic Island Discs pt1 (2nd Birthday with Tim & Kirk!)

Kirk Set Adrift on Traffic Island Bliss

…or ‘Why Don’t We Do It In The Road’.

Yes it’s finally here – the 2nd birthday edition of Radio Clash with Tim and Kirk and reunited 1,000s of past guests and contributors – well a few anyway – the few we could fit set adrift on Traffic Island where they have to choose their top 5 records and play the last one on the magically provided Fisher Price My First Record deck that someone left on the traffic bollard (BOLLARD! I like the word bollard…).

In this part we shoot the scriptwriters, come up with a novelty DJ fashion/fetish concept, and have Traffic Island Discs from Jeb from 50 Pound Note, me, Eric from the Kleptones, Adrian from Bootie and Marty Batfreak from BnR/Australia.

More pics from Traffic Island here.

One Way Left Lane No Parking: (45Mb, 52mins)


  • Shoot the scriptwriter!
  • Intro
  • Jeb from £50 Note’s Traffic Island Discs
  • David Bowie ft Frank Black – Fashion (live)
  • Tim’s Traffic Island Discs
  • Art of Noise – Close (to the Edit)
  • Eric from the Kleptones’ Traffic Island Discs
  • Negativland – Christianity is Stupid
  • Adrian’s (Bootie/A+D) Traffic Island Discs
  • Hole – Celebrity Skin
  • Marty Batfreak’s Traffic Island Discs
  • Run DMC ft Aerosmith – Walk this Way

Tim DJs on Traffic Island
Let’s Put the Part on RIGHT HERE! I might have to eat this CD player though…

Who will buy mt luvverly records? Tuppence a pound!
Who will buy my luvverly records? Tuppence a pound!

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  1. December 19

    Dude, im likng it a lot (is that the right spelling, i suck at them, its meant to be i like it a lot, but shorter. maybe i should of just written that….) anyway, happy birthday. you could of reminded us, or maybe you did, and my crap memory forgot it. I was gonna check when my podcast will have its one year birthday, and i dont know how much i should celebrate. for some reason its september the 11th. im sure i didnt put it up on that date. oh well, ill do the best i can. I would of thought that an epic song that goes on for ages would be good, as it would take up most time and stop you getting bored. I no 5 minutes isnt exactly ages, but id take “jeff walker and und die fluffers- keep on rockin in the free world” it makes me laugh everytime!

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