Radio Clash 55: 1 Year Anniversary Slightly Listing Tim and Kirk Show, Part One!

Yes We Are One Today!

Part One of a special 1st Anniversary Tim and Kirk show, nominally a list show including favourite misheard lyrics and band names, also includes audio comments and feedback from listeners, favourite mashups and tracks from listeners and us two, and now with added multimania!

Oh and as always probably not safe for work (depends on your work i guess, contains swearing and some dark humour (that’s not a promise, tho…!)

Candles jelly and cake (45mins, 28Mb)

Part Two will be up later in the week.


  • Intro / Kirk’s Brain calling
  • LOAD “”…
  • We’re Listing slightly/ Happy Birthday from Top of the Pods (thanks Rob!)
  • Dean Gray – Dr Who’s Holiday
  • Spreading Glitter on our audience
  • Message from John at Radio Zoom
  • Kleptones – Really Rapping Something (from the From Detroit to JA album)
  • Tim and Kirk’s Funny Band names list
  • Sam’s Top 5 Canadian Mashup list
  • Jaymz Bee / Royal Jelly Orchestra – Safety Dance (from Music for Maniacs blog)
  • Sting Essex
  • Tim and Kirk’s Favourite Misheard Lyrics
  • DJ Earworm – Stairway to Bootleg Heaven
  • Calling Amsterdam with Bicyclemark
  • rx – Imagine / Walk on the Wildside


  1. Nilotic
    November 29

    Congrats Tim on one year! I checked, and I’ve been listening since show 13.

    I intended on sending a list, but I the deadline snuck up on me…sorry.

    Keep up the great podcasts!


  2. mr. pants
    November 29

    Thanks for including my list of 5 Candadians To Mashup. (I’ve since learned that the correct term is “bootleg”)

    Great show so far. Eagerly looking forward to Part Two.

    Tim, you are a genius, but add in that wild Kirk element and you’ve got comedy gold!

    Gino Vanelli Ice Cream? Best idea ever…

    I’ve been listening ever since EW told me too listen.

  3. Cindy
    November 30

    Tim!! Congratulations on your 1-year podiversary!! I listened to the show yesterday and loved the ‘misheard lyrics’ part – that plus the exchanges between you and Kirk – I can’t wait for Part 2. Hurry!! 🙂

  4. December 2

    Happy YearCast to you… Happy YearCast to you… Happy YearCast to Radio Clash… Happy YearCast to you

    I find myself giggling hysterically in my office when the two of you are talking smack back and forth. It reminds me of a friend of mine who I’ve known forever. We’ll stay up late, get all hopped on sugary sodas and then belch the alphabet or something juvenile like that. Sure, in the bright, sugar-hungover, sunlit reality of the next day you wonder why the hell it was so funny… if you’re normal… I just eagerly anticipate our next insanity filled evening, and I’m glad to hear your insanity filled list show.

    Thanks for a year of great shows. Hope you don’t get raided too soon.

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    December 2

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