The Future is indeed unwritten…

It’s rare that I actually talk Clash-things and Joe Strummer here on Radio Clash – I feel guilty about that; the man and the band were great and I’m squatting the name. Then again rather than nostalgia I try and embody the likes of Strummer and Peel in my music choices; I want to excite people about music new and old like they did.

A few Saturday’s ago I saw the new Julien Temple film ‘The Future is Unwritten’ – if you have a chance go see it, even if you know little about Joe or the Clash it’s such a positive film – here is what I wrote:

Amazing, best film this year so far. Words do not say how good this film is, it really manages to sum up Joe in his own words, and include many people from his past, and create a few laughs and unknown bits about the man.

It’s mostly based around his World Service radio spots – I have 4 of these and they are GREAT listening, he was a brilliant radio DJ and an inspiration to Radio Clash, along with Mr Peel. I wish I could be as verbose and wise in my links!

Oh and as soon as the DVD is out expect loads of White Riot boots. Someone SOMEWHERE has early video of the Clash in the studio with Joe doing the vocals with no backing….which started the film. Wow. I’d love to see that video.

What I liked about it most was the message – the future is indeed unwritten and people are the key. I was walking around after without my iPod glued to my ears and went to XXL after because of that, the film gave me confidence and made little old sociopathic me see that people are where it’s at.

I bought the soundtrack today; nice that it features the demo of White Riot, and the music and chat from the World Service broadcasts, have you ever wondered what those sounded like in full?

Well, if you’re subscribe to the feed or download the files below now you just might find out πŸ˜€

Listen to one of the inspirations to Radio Clash, along with Mr Peel. I wonder if there are more?

Relatio Clash

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  1. Tim,

    Thanks so much for the London Calling mp3’s, I’d heard about Joe’s shows but I never actually heard them. Great stuff. Thanks too for the info about the film — I hope it makes it to my neck of the woods here in Los Estados Unidos.

    As for feeling guilty, don’t. You are tipping your hat to the Clash and what they did every time you start a show with your theme music. Also, with the music you play for us — it’s all a big thank-you to the DJs and artists who made you who you are.


  2. June 26

    Why the f did I take so long to come directly to this post. I listened to the podcast I stopped in my tracks when I heard him DJ’ing… I kept thinking maybe he was alive and it was all a hoax.. then I started wondering how you got this.. then I remembered some talk of a film. The cashier at the grocery store saw my Clash shirt and said “have you seen the film, its out in the UK” and I could have hugged her for giving me such news.

    Amazing that we can have such things even after he’s gone… fantasticly amazing.

  3. Monty
    July 2

    These BBC World Service shows are ace…I love to hear Joe talk! Can you hunt down any more of them…I have a tape of him guesting on Andy Kershaw’s show and playing his musical selections but I can’t find it at the moment. Mr. Strummer had so much more work to do…what a fuckin’ shame he’s no longer with us.

  4. July 16

    These 4 shows are from 1998. There are more shows available (6 from 2000 and 2 from 2001, that were rebroadcast in 2006). We are still missing a few…

    To get the 8 other shows that are available, look here:

    Hopefully this works for you. If not, let me know and I will help you out. (Actually, at one point I will post all of these on my website)

  5. July 16


    Now I have to wait for the Megaupload download limit to reset!

  6. August 2

    That’s really good news!

    I’ve got all the rest now and are planning to convert the Oggs at better rates than the rough-and-ready ones I did to listen to them, ditto the m4a but I see you’ve done those?

    When I’ve done that I’ll drop a few more of the newer ones into the feed – the 2001 ones are amazing quality mostly, and link up to your page in the post for the rest πŸ˜€ Most people won’t see it here but I know they want to hear more Joe…

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