Joe Strummer Calls Back

Joe StrummerJust before I went to Spain, and as I was busy preparing to release This One’s For Joe, BBC Radio 6 did a week of shows dedicated to Joe Strummer. They replayed 4 of the shows from 2001, I recorded them off-air and they are here for you in the feed/clicky linky.

Also included is the great show by Don Letts they did on the Saturday, with his memories of Joe Strummer and an unreleased BAD demo that Joe wrote. Very good listening, but it’s sadly too large for the other server and is on my 20Gb daily limited archive account, so if the bandwidth gets blasted and it’s unavailable, come back the next day or so.

If anyone from BBC Radio reads this, apart from as Negativland said ‘please don’t sue us’ 😉 we want MORE STRUMMER LONDON CALLING SHOWS. It’d be great to hear a podcast or repeat of all the shows., 1998-2001. Pretty please.

If anyone can ID the songs and/or the original 2001 transmit dates of the shows, I’d be very grateful.

Joe Strummer London Calling Show 1 (2001/repeated 17/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 2 (2001/repeated 18/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 3 (2001/repeated 19/12/2007)
Joe Strummer London Calling Show 4 (2001/repeated 20/12/2007)

Don Letts Clash City Radio tribute to Joe Strummer (transmitted 22/12/2007)

(Those with podcatchers who can’t handle multiple enclosures will have to download all but the first one manually – I’m not doing a post for every show!)


  1. Tom
    January 16


    following the original transmition dates:

    #1 28th august 1998
    #2 09th september 1998
    #3 12th september 1998
    #4 19th september 1998

    greetings, Tom

  2. Alan S
    January 28

    Wow. These shows are great. The eclecticism really resonates with what I love about the Radio Clash podcast as well. Thanks.

  3. mark ehmcke
    February 6

    just saw “the future is unwritten” and am greatful to find your archive of bbc shows, so i can hear what joe liked.

  4. Monty
    February 10

    Thank you,thank you,thank you! Drank a lot of wine last night and was playing Joe/The Clash/Ramones very loud…seems I upset some people too…rock the fuckin’ casbah, motherfuckers!!!

  5. Paul
    March 14

    Can’t thank you enough for posting these. This is not to be missed stuff.
    After some digging, I foun the playlists (along with two other shows), as posted on (along with a link to other lo-fidelity streaming shows):

    Matching them up is easy. Would love to find the other two shows.

    #1 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Jan. 12th 2000)
    1) The Killer – Big Youth
    2) Hang on Sloopy – The McCoys
    3) Vulin dlela – Brenda Fassie (Soweto, South Africa)
    4) Little Old Wine Drinker Me – Dean Martin
    5) Y Su Con Juntos – Andres Landero (cumbia)
    6) Starting a New Life -Van Morrison
    7) Sala Molende – Tabu Frontal (Zaire)

    #2 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Jan. 19th 2000)
    1) Hit The Road Jack – Big Youth
    2) Fire In Soweto – Sunny Okason
    3) Nursery Rhymes – Bo Diddley
    4) I Ain’t Got No Home – Nina Simone
    5) Crawfish – Elvis Presley
    6) Rez – Underworld

    #3 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Jan. 26th 2000)
    1) Cool Breez (Draw Your Breaks) – Big Youth
    2) Stairway To The Stars – Ella Fitzgerrald
    3) Not Fade Away – Rolling Stones
    4) Up Around The Bend – Creedance Clearwater Revival
    5) Gini – Afel Bukun (Mali)
    6) Castle Made Of Sand – Jimi Hendrix
    7) Shumba – Asunde Siaye Guli (Johanesburg, South Africa)
    8) Swingtown – Steve Miller Band

    #4 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Feb. 2nd 2000)
    1) Bliztrieg Bop – The Ramones
    2) The Upsetter – Freedom Fighters – Bunny & Ricky & CD Version Like Rain (Trojan CDTRL278)
    3) Tous Les Garcons – Francoise Hardy
    4) Guandia – Nasha ? (bhangra – Birmingham UK)
    5) Corrina – Bob Dylan (Live at the Village Vanguard NYC)
    6) Syncopate – The Astronauts (Jamaica)
    7) Niguel – Babasek (?) – CD Streets Of Dakkar (Stern’s STCD 1084)
    8) Public Enemy # 1 – Max Romeo

    #5 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Feb. 9th 2000 )
    1) Mon Amour Ma Chérie – Amadou et Mariam (Mali)
    2) Let’s Do It Again – The Beach Boys
    3) Baby What Do You Want Me To Do – Jimmy Reed
    4) The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie) – Lulu
    5) ? – (bhangra)
    6) ? – Mohamed Alam (bhangra)
    7) Baha Boba – Ravi Bahl (bhangra)

    #6 Joe Strummer’s London Calling playlist (Feb. 16th 2000)
    1) Do You Believe In Love – Joy White
    2) Yaza Oy Hey (Girl at the Corner, Have you seen my man ?) – Rasha (Sudan)
    3) Tippy Toes – The Meeters (New Orleans LA)
    4) Sala Mui Ya (cumbia) – Fuentes Label
    5) Wang Dang Doodle (Willy Dixon) – Koko Taylor
    6) Got You Rolling – Rollings Stones
    7) ? – Bundu Boys (Zimbabwe)
    farewell track : Grounation – GRO 2020 White Joy Idlers On The Street

  6. March 14

    Yes I’ve posted about these before. and posted them on the blog. I’m on there as Mutantpop.

    BTW Tom – those aren’t the trans dates for these shows – these are from 2002, and I have those shows. They aren’t the same.

  7. March 14

    So these shows are the ones from 2000? They were supposed to be 2001 or 2002? I’m confused…they’ve been floating around for a while. I have the other two btw.

  8. April 18

    Thank you so much these! Rock the Casbah!!

  9. l*lli
    September 17

    thanks a lot for posting!!! i’m so touched to hear to joe’s voice…

  10. john
    May 1

    In the DVD the future is unwritten he played Balck sheep boy-Tim Hardin- a lovely littlw song, but it doesnt seem to be listed here, i take it that show is not available? any info much appreciated thx all

  11. David Gutterman
    August 18

    this website is amazin! These shows are great.! good stuff

  12. David Martin
    July 5

    All of Joe’s shows can be found on the If Music Could Talk site, in the Sound Of The Sinners forum under the Joe Strummer The Mega Bottle List thread, along with lots of other goodies.


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