RC 295: Balls To Xmas

Light up your balls, erect your tree, turn on your lights, drink loads and eat like a horse and do that thing where you pretend to be a stripper with the tinsel (I’ve seen you), it’s Xmess!

Christmas (or the holidays or whatever you celebrate, Xmas is just a placeholder here) comes earlier every year so that means the Xmas podcast comes later. (it’s a bus-driver’s excuse and I’m sticking to it like any snow doesn’t).

There is a bumper two-parter this year, with a Xmas bonus in the next one – yeah had two shows and STILL couldn’t get it under two hours *sigh*

As usual a range of pro-Xmas and anti-Xmas songs – more so in the next part for those Xmas sceptics of #TeamHateXmas, and an eclectic Quality Street selection of purple funk and toffee disco, chocolate toffee finger of punk, soundtrack ambient crunch, green triangle indie, caramel electro, honeycomb house, strawberry psych, even some classical coconut eclairs.

Silent Night? I wish it was less noisy down my local! (189Mb, 2:06)

  • Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Box of Delights – Opening Titles
  • DJ McFly – The Sugar Plum Wrecking Ball
  • Buzzcocks – What Do I Get?
  • Shopping – Suddenly Gone
  • Candy Panic Attack – On The Dole At Christmas
  • The Beatbox Saboteurs – Santa Claus Is Coming
  • Ste McCabe – Christmas Time for Sanctimonius Swine
  • Spray – The Ballad Of Xmas ’99 (Oh Cliff)
  • Imagination – So Good, So Right (Dim Zach edit)
  • Pete Shelley – Witness The Change – I Don’t Know What It Is (Dub Version)
  • Mr Cube – Winter Pixels
  • Planningtorock – Beulah Loves Dancing
  • Roberta Flack – Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes) (Steve Hurley’s House Mix)
  • Asha Puthli – I’m Gonna Dance
  • YMO Versus The Human League – Behind The Mask
  • Dan Phillips – Holly Jolly Monday
  • The Beatbox Saboteurs – Twelve Days Of XXXmas
  • Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – King Arthur’s Camp (reprise)
  • Gang Clouds – Let’s Spend Christmas In Our Bed
  • Khruangbin – Christmas Time Is Here (Version Mary)
  • Richard Barnes – High Flyin’ Electric Bird
  • Roger Limb and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – The Boy with No Shadow
  • Radio Orwell – (Come On Die Young On A) Silent Night
  • The Beatbox Saboteurs – Silent Night
  • Joanna Brouk – Winter Chimes
  • Tracey Thorn – Snow
  • Pro Arte Orchestra – Hely-Hutchinson: Carol Symphony – 3. Andante Quasi Lento E Cantabile
  • Ultrasound – Best Wishes (Single version)

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