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December 15 /

Light up your balls, erect your tree, turn on your lights, drink loads and eat like a horse and do that thing where you pretend to be a stripper with the tinsel (I’ve seen you), it’s Xmess! Christmas (or the…

March 16 /

“The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave” And the second part is about falling in and out of love…from the mid-90’s…

November 25 /

Beth Orton on 6Music reminded me of this excellent Roberta Flack song, Compared to What which still sadly is completely relevant: I’d not heard in many years but wanted to know more, and it lead me to Eugene McDaniels, the…

April 18 /

Hacienda as pictured in 24 Hour Party People
Hacienda as pictured in ’24 Hour Party People’ – great film btw

…and the Hacienda, and piano house in general.

I’m sure at some point acid house devotees will become annoying as punk bores, but with piano house on the rebound a and late 80’s house references on the come back (see Hercules and Love Affair, Surkin, Math Head, AC Slater, Jack Beats, Juan Maclean (especially the remixes), Axwell even Eric Prydz!) it seems like the Summer of Love is on the comeback at last…moving away from the nu-rave chancers who tried to tag guitar music as rave, and into true piano chord bliss.

Of course it’s been a long time coming; from when I heard a Math Head Passions mix in 2007 and halfway through I shouted PIANO!!!! and started dancing manicly, to Axwell and then Eric Prydz massive Pjanoo from last year, the rehabilitation of the piano in dance music has taken a long time…yeah trance had a sort of pizzi fixation but that’s not bouncing hands-up-in-the-air whistle-blowing piano break that we all know and love. So welcome back the piano 🙂

So I present to you Mike Pickering and Graeme Park at the Hacienda, August 1989, a bit of dance music history and . (via iainh and someone who uploaded an excerpt to Soundcloud, I love Soundcloud…shame no download, but more about that in a sec)

I’m listening to this in the sunshine and it’s perfect.

And if you like that, some kind soul has uploaded the whole 3 hours to Archive.org. Get em while it’s hot, or still there.