Tunak Tunak Tun Metal

The original I played on the podcast nearly 10 years ago (RC #166, omg) but this metal cover by Bloodywood featuring Bonde do Metaleiro from Brazil is the kind of fusion I can get behind. Completely bonkers and love how they take the piss out of the original video. (via Thriftshop XL)

And you need to check out their Ed Sheeran – Shape of You cover. All of these go out to Ghey Metal Show co-host Scott Williams too. \m/ \m/

If you don’t know the classic by Daler Mehdi which basically has a Michael Bay (before Michael Bay) take on dancing cloned men with beards…Explosions! Lens flares! Particles! Comets! Earthquakes! Flames! Screensavers? It’s basically a ‘I’ve just got After Effects, screw it let’s throw everything in!’ video, and all the more wonderful for it.

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