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March 12 /

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnrAISE6x08 Fascinating look at Japan’s LGBTQ culture with Ellen Page and Ian Daniels. Makes me even more want to go there! Glad they covered Yaoi which I find problematic for several reasons – 1) it’s ‘Boy’s Love’ and tends to…

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June 5 /

Reflecting on the distasteful news that Nike is again cashing in on Pride month with their #BeTrue campaign, after their lack of any action over Sochi and the LGBTQ abuses in Russia. It’s one thing to flog rainbow gear made…

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June 12 /
June 12 /

I was going to post the ‘You can take the world cup and stick it up your arse’ picture, but I think this video by John Oliver says more eloquently why you can do that. Especially worrying about Qatar, but…

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