John Oliver tackles the FIFA World Cup

I was going to post the ‘You can take the world cup and stick it up your arse’ picture, but I think this video by John Oliver says more eloquently why you can do that.

Especially worrying about Qatar, but also the dead kids and displaced people from the Brazilian favelas in the ‘Pacification’ areas with the police that shoot first and ask questions afterwards…and then you see all the merchandise at the supermarket and the pleas for late night buses for the fans, and you really know what it’s about. Follow the money, and screw the people. Especially the poor ones…who ironically love football and sports, as it’s usually one of the few things left outside crime or religion.

I still wear my Bread and Circuses tshirt from two years ago…you know what? It’s not gone stale after the Olympics, and neither has the other one with riot police – because these events still are draconian distractions, Hunger Games or Gladiatorial conquests for our times. Too much security, too expensive and too oppressive. They are the rich people’s play thing, a corrupt money making scheme and a calming sop for everyone else while the Austerity Vandals beat on the gates. And these circuses the poor always end up paying for (not the billion that FIFA have in the bank!), a bit like the World Cup barbecue sets and drinking cups in my local Sainsburys…

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