It’s coming h…. LOL

I have total schadenfreude about England crashing out of the World Cup, if I’d bet on it I would have gone for the traditional quarter finals penalties, surprised they made the semis, but really, what did you really expect? Had to put up with endless chants of ‘It’s Coming Home!’ over the last few weeks, so great to have some peace at last. The silence after the game was delicious.

The Premier League spends it’s time training Croatians and other nationalities and not purely players from England – or even the UK, and those English players it does train tend not to sign up to play abroad, so they don’t get used to how other international sides play. And the league trains them how to play a specific defensive type of game that doesn’t work internationally.

So it’s not a surprise…want football to ‘come home’? Get rid of the Premier League and have more international games, and encourage more English players and less foreign signings, and encourage existing English talent to go play abroad. But that will never happen – too much money involved.

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